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Transformative Reading: How to Propel Your Business and Brand to New Heights

January 29, 2024 Dr. Una Episode 399
The EntreMD Podcast
Transformative Reading: How to Propel Your Business and Brand to New Heights
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Unlock the hidden potential in the pages you read and translate that wisdom into the growth of your business and personal life. We've taken a deep dive with the Entry Empty Business School's novel approach, where we don't just read books; we workshop them. By adopting a learner's mindset and extracting actionable insights, we've witnessed our community of doctors and their families soar to new heights. In this episode, I share inspiring success stories and introduce a five-step process that will ensure every book you read sparks transformative change, propelling you forward both as an entrepreneur and an individual.

Ever wondered how reading can tangibly elevate your brand? We're not just talking theory; we're talking about implementing a strategy that leads to real growth, revenue, and opportunities. We're peeling back the layers on how consistent action from learned knowledge is your entrepreneurial superpower, and I'll guide you through using 'The Visibility Formula' for building a brand that stands out in the healthcare field. With a free downloadable workbook to complement the book, this episode is your roadmap to success. So, join us and let's turn those pages into a visible, thriving brand together.

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Speaker 1:

Well, hello, hello, my friend, Welcome back to another episode of the Entry Empty podcast. As always, super pumped to be your ears, and thank you so much for being a listener. Thank you for sharing, thank you for taking action and creating radical change in your businesses and your brand. I mean, this is something that really warms my heart, because that is the whole essence of this podcast. Today, we're going to be talking about something that is really going to be a game changer for you, whether you're a big reader or not, and that really is how to change your business by reading. Reading is one of the things that opens up brand new worlds for you, and it is a habit that can change your life, especially if it's done right. Especially if it's done right. So we're going to talk about that today. In the Entry Empty Business School we have, you know, we have many ways of supporting our doctors. We have weekly sessions that happen every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern, where they get direct mentorship. It could be a how to that I'm training them on. It could be a laser coaching session where I'm running through answering questions. It could be we have a guest. It could be where we're running an audit. So something we already know, but are you applying it? How can we tweak this? All kinds of you know different ways. We do that. We have the really great private Facebook community, but one of the things that we introduced about July of last year was this whole concept of you know a book a month, and and we didn't just read it, we worked the book. And I want to talk to you about how to work a book, because it's possible to read 52 books a year, a book a week, and it doesn't really have as much as an impact on somebody else read 12 books you know for the year and it radically changed their business. And I want you to go get to this place where every book changes your business, and that's a place where I am. I don't read books just for fun, I don't read it just to say I read them. Every book leaves me different, okay. So when I was, when we did a survey of you know like the doctors over the last you know 12 months and I started, you know, finding out what components of the school they find to be most helpful. If you know, like 92% of you know, the students in the school are like oh, my goodness, the book of the month, you know, the book of the month. It's made a huge difference. And Usually what I would do is kind of scan the group and scan where the common challenges and, you know, look at those threads and all of that and then come up with whatever book that will be. So it's not based on a fat, is not based on book that came out. These are all books that you know say, okay, this will be good for the school. I go read it, go analyze and like, okay, this is what we're gonna do. So it's really carefully thought out, you know. So it's a gift to the doctors and so we added that on and we would typically create, you know, like the challenge that the book is a part of right and all of that. So I just wanna, you know, wanna walk you through how you can workshop a book. Okay, this is something that I've done for over a decade. We will radically change your life. I, you know, there's a doctor in the school was talking about this and she said and this is somebody run a multi-million dollar business, by the way. And she said, you know, I was feeling a little stuck as far as my vision, my mind says, and all of those things and you know, this month I've read six books so far and I finally got it. It took me a month but I finally got it. Now. That talks, you know that talks about you know that persistence in working through a challenge with many, which many entrepreneurs don't have, and so when they have an issue and they haven't figured out in a week, they get really and see they want to quit all that stuff. But the more mature you get as an entrepreneur, the more you sit through it and work through it, right, like where, okay, I don't know what's going on here, but I'm doing the work to get out of it is only a matter of time, you know. So that's totally, by the way, and that's a totally different podcast episode. But six books, right. And what I noticed is, after we introduced that there are many doctors who are like She'll have a reddit, personal development books and before med school or whatever, and they now have this habit where they're reading. Many of them would not read only the book of the month, they'll pick other books to read. Many of their spouses will then pick up the books and read as well. Many of them, their kids, will read them as well, and so it's just this whole. You know, it's like a reading infection that's very contagious, that is going through the school and family members and all of that. Yes, so here she is reading six books, you know? And am I saying, read six books? No, I'm just telling you, you know what she did and the difference that it made, because she figured, she figured out she's good. You know she's good. So so books are really really powerful. Okay, so I want to give you a five step process here. So number one is to approach it with a learner's mindset. What I have noticed is the people who know a little think they know a lot and are not open to learning, and the people who know a lot think they know little and are very open to learning, because the more you know, the more you realize that you don't know. And that's the truth. And so when you approach a book, you really want to approach it with wow, curiosity, what am I going to learn? What don't I know? And the trick is this even if you've read it before, I have books I have read three times, four times. Eat that frog. I've probably read every year for at least a decade, even in the only time the business schools. They're school their books. I've said, okay, I know we read this last month, but we're going to read it again. Right, we actually had two or three books we did with that over the last 12 months. I'm like, yeah, we're going to read it again. And it's the key is approaching with the learner's mindset. The second you get to where you're like I know that you've set yourself up. You've set yourself up. One of the things that will keep you innovative, keep you ahead of the curve, keep you fresh, is having a learner's mind set, being curious, willing to learn, willing to look at the same old concepts with fresh, new eyes. It is so dangerous to say I don't need that, I know it, I don't need to read that, I've read it before, but yeah, but the you that read it before is different and so you can get so much out of it. Okay. So the first thing is approach with the learner's mindset. So, curiosity, what can I learn? How can I look at what I'm doing through the lens of this and change some things? Just approach with that mindset. The second thing is to really learn the concepts and it's easy to just read through and read through and read through and you're not actually paying attention to the lessons, and so one of the things we do is when we have these monthly challenges in the entremede business school. Well, one of the things is okay for the book of the month what did you, what did you learn from it today? Right, what was, what was your biggest, the heart today? So you can stop and process and think what am I learning from this? As opposed to just reading through the book and checking it off and like, oh, I read, I read a book and so many people don't do this, because it takes a little more mental power, it takes a little more energy. Have to put your thoughts together, they have to think right, as opposed to just passively consuming content. And so learn the concepts. What am I learning here? What is the lesson here? What is my aha here? What stood out to me Like? Take the time to articulate what that is. Now, do you have to learn every single concept in the book? Of course not right From from most books you can't do that. So for me, if I walk away from a book with, you know, five core lessons, I'm taking away a five, you know like that's good, because if I act on that, that's five different things. My business is going to be different. I'm going to upgrade myself as an entrepreneur, right? So it's not about learning every single concept. This is not a medical school exam but it's learning the concepts. That like really pulling and holding in on the concepts that are relevant to you and that you can capture at the time, and you can always capture the rest later. So that's the second thing. The third thing is to run an audit, right? So when you're reading a book and so, for instance, one of the books we read is the Aladdin factor right, and so you're reading the book, it talks a lot about asking and all of those things, and you can just read it and you can learn the lesson of asking. But you can also turn around and say, okay, so he's talking about asking for referrals, or asking for the sale, or asking for whatever that is. How often do I actually do that and have a come to Jesus meeting with yourself and ask yourself that, right, when you read Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy, a book I talk about all the time like I feel like I should meet Brian Tracy in real life, but when you look at the book, one of the principles he talks about is the principle of 48-12, where, when you're working, you put your head down for 48 minutes and you just work, no interruptions, no distractions, no, by the ways, no checking the email. Just put your head down, work and then come up for error for 12 minutes and then go back. And so when you read that, good, then you learned it. But the question is but what do you do? And you may find out, oh, I'm checking my email and Facebook and all that for the entire 60 minutes that I'm never actually doing any focused work. You see what I mean. So you want to audit, I'm reading this, but what does it mean for me? Maybe you read the Visibility Formula book, the book that we just released, part of the Entremde Business School Library and you read about talking to one person Right, talking to one person who's your ideal client? Who is that person right? And you want to stop and say, okay, in my message and when I look at my social media, when I look at my emails, when I look at my podcast, all that, am I talking to my ideal client 99% of the time or my kind of all over the place, right, like? So you're running an audit, you're checking what is the distance between what this concept is and what I actually do? Right, okay, so that's number three. Number four now that you've you have had the beginner's mindset, so you've learned some lessons and you've run some audits and you've seen where the gap is. Now it's time to take action. Number four is taking action. Now, listen, this is the deal. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is the whole point of reading, like we abort the process when we don't take it to the point of action. Right. And so I read a book I learned, for instance, about the forty eight, twelve principle I just talked about, and I realized I'm not doing that. I'm checking my email day. I'm getting distracted by social media. I haven't put my office in such a way that they're in on, you know, on it on uninterrupted times when I work and my team knows just leave her alone. So my action is then well, maybe I'm gonna set a timer on my phone, right, so the top of every hour, put a forty, eight hour thing and I just go to work. I start, I start developing that discipline of doing focused work. Maybe I get assigned for my office and I'm like, if anybody needs to talk to me. I'll be available at this time and I put it in a twelve minutes stop, but the forty eight minutes I'm just focused and I'm working Right now. If I do that, then the book made a difference, you see, because I learned the concept, I did the audit and I did something different. So I get a different result. But if I just read it and I'm telling other people about it and posting these cute memes on Facebook and I'm doing all things but I'm not taking any action, it doesn't matter that I read the book. In fact, it's actually frustrating because what that means is I will know what can happen on the other side of the action. So I know, but I will never see it because I didn't take the action Right, like I just didn't do it. And we've had challenges in the on-term day business school, where we call the askathon, where you just have this new habit Of either asking for a sale every day, asking for a referral every day, asking like whatever that is, and there are people who have made six figure leaps in their business because they embrace the challenge and decide I'm not doing this for a month, I'm just doing this Right and it came out of well, they didn't really come out of the Aladdin factor, but that's a book we used to supplement with that challenge. But if you read the book and you're not taking the action, it doesn't matter. That you read the book like it, legit doesn't matter, and so you're better off deciding to take. You know you can take three to five actions from every book you read and just schedule and get it done right away. If you do that, let's do the math here. Okay, so let's say you are only reading a book a month Okay, but many entrepreneurs are doing two, three, many entrepreneurs are doing four month. Okay. So let's say you're doing one book a month and for every book you read you take four actions. Right, so every you read a book, you outline, you run the, you you know, go with the learner's mindset, you learn the concepts, you run the audit and then you take action. Right, and you're taking four actions per book. Okay, four actions per book. It means at the end of the year you would have had 48 different actions that you have taken to upgrade yourself as an entrepreneur, to upgrade your, your business systems, to upgrade the way you hire, to upgrade all of these things. Your business cannot, cannot, remain the same. So I want you to imagine with all the components that we have in the alternative school. Then we add on this very powerful thing to it where, yes, you're getting all these results and then you're getting with the book and you know you're in a group so you're learning from other people's lessons. They have this positive peer pressure and all these things going is like liquid gold Liquid gold. Okay. So, number one approach with the learner's mindset. Number two learn the concepts. Number three run an audit. Number four take action. Number five, really important Grab another book and rinse and repeat. Right, grab another book, rinse and repeat. We never get to the place where we say I know enough. We want to stay curious, especially if you're the kind of person you want to explore. I'm not kind of person. I want to explore all of my potentials. I want to become the best version of me. I want to leave an empty body when I die, like there's no gift, talent, gift to my generation that was in my body when I died, because I gave it all away. I want to serve my generation, serve my world right now. If I'm going to do that, then one of the things I must do is continue to upgrade myself, upgrade myself, upgrade my identity, upgrade my mindset, upgrade the might, the way act, upgrade my wisdom and all of those things. And all those things come from personal development, and one of the ways you do that is through reading, right? So You've done that, you've taken the action. Amazing. Now grab another book and rinse and repeat. Grab another book, rinse and repeat. Okay, this episode here is an episode you want to come back and listen to time and time and time and time again. You want to take this. You want to go read a book, practice it, come back, listen to it again, go like, oh, I missed that part, I didn't do that part as well, or I forgot about that part all together. And then you go back, take another book, practice it, then come back to the episode. Right, absolutely change your life. So I have homework for you. The visibility formula book that I recently released is a book that is really designed To help you take your business from best kept secrets, a household name, where all the people like and this is all the people you want to work with you, all the team members. You want to track all the opportunity, all the referral sources. All of those things Identify you as a business, the brand to talk to, and so I want you to get get a copy of that book. If you haven't already, you can do that on tramdcom for its last visibility book. I want you to get the book and I want you to workshop it. If you already have the book, I want you to workshop it. I want you to practice what we just talked about using that book, and the reason why I say that is because if you will do this, if you will do this, you will go on to build that dominant brand right, like the visibility formula, something that we I teach a lot in the on tram to business school, and people have used it to do all kinds of things get on ABC, get on Fox News, get featured in New York time, get invited to do Ted talks. They built brands where they're known as the one all of these things have why? Because of the visibility. I have doctors, like I have doctors who have doctors reaching out to them and say I want to do this, I want to work with you. I want to work with you why they've built a dominant, visible brand right, and so it solves so many things in your life as an entrepreneur and I want every physician to have the gift of that right. So get the book. And from that same site on tramdcom for its visibility book, you can get your, your, your workbook, which is a free download. Just download, it even makes it easier to workshop the book and use the book to change your life. I want you to be in a position where, three months from now, six months from now, a year from now, two years from now, you reach out to me. You're like Dr Una, you will not believe it and I'll be like, of course, I will tell me all about it, right, and you will talk about how the revenue goals that you thought you couldn't crush you have crushed because you built a visible brand and you have all the clients or patients that you want, the A team players that you thought you could not have, you thought you could not hire, would not want to work for you. You now have them on your team because you built a dominant brand and that you attracted so many opportunities that you never dreamt of in your life Because you had this visible brand and people reached out to you for them, right? I want that to be your story. I want that to be your story, and it all starts with visibility. So get the book, workshop the book. I cannot wait to celebrate all these things with you. Take this episode, share it with all the doctors in your life, tell them. Oh, my goodness, you absolutely have to listen to this and I will see you on the next episode of the our tram, the podcast.

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