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The Three Areas of Focus on Your Way to Your First 100K

December 15, 2022 Dr. Una Episode 282
The EntreMD Podcast
The Three Areas of Focus on Your Way to Your First 100K
Show Notes

If you want to be among the many physicians in my world who are hitting $100k in revenue, I have three main things for you to focus on. Whether you're a coach, a service provider, just starting out, or you're building a new vertical ... these three things apply to you.

The very first thing is keeping things simple.

Simplicity, scales; complexity, constrains. The simpler your business and offers are, the more you can grow and scale.

The more you add layers of complexity, the more you create this business that cannot grow, cannot scale.

So think simple. If you're a coach and you're trying to make your first $100k, one of the greatest temptations you must avoid is the temptation to create a million offers. Do one thing, and do it a lot. Direct all your energy at that so you can become really good at delivering.

Then do the math. How many do you have to sell to get to your revenue goal? You'll find out it's not a whole lot—it's more doable than you think.

The next two focus areas are selling and marketing—making offers and making sure they're visible. More on that in this episode of the EntreMD Podcast. Enjoy!

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