The EntreMD Podcast

Social Media Boundaries for Entrepreneurs

March 16, 2023 Dr. Una Episode 308
The EntreMD Podcast
Social Media Boundaries for Entrepreneurs
Show Notes

Social media has POWER.

It has the power to skyrocket your business—even without paid advertising. In fact, I pledged to not use paid ads until EntreMD hit $1 million in revenue just to demonstrate the power of organic marketing through social media.

That's the GOOD power of social media.

It can be not so good, though, too. It can quickly take control of your day and invade your mental space if you don't set boundaries.

I want to give you the top four things you can do to create a healthy boundary around your social media usage. Just click below to get it all in my newest episode of the EntreMD Podcast, #308: Social Media Boundaries for Entrepreneurs.

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