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Lessons from Instagram's $660M Pay Day

April 24, 2023 Episode 319
The EntreMD Podcast
Lessons from Instagram's $660M Pay Day
Show Notes

When Instagram recently released its paid badge for verified users, 92% of their audience say no. And Instagram still made $660 million that day.

That's why my first takeaway is to never stop growing your audience—even if your audience gets as big as Instagram's.

If you continue growing your audience and keeping them engaged by providing value (and upleveling that value over time), you will get the yeses you need for profitable business. You'll get lots of nos, too, but imagine if even just 10% of your audience said yes? What would that number be? If you had a masterclass with 50 attendees, that's 5 yeses. That'll do, right?!

Get details on these takeaways and more when you listen to today's episode!

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