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Top 5 Lessons I Learned from the EBS Mastermind

May 11, 2023 Episode 324
The EntreMD Podcast
Top 5 Lessons I Learned from the EBS Mastermind
Show Notes

Who knew two days could have such transformative power?!

Two days was the length of the recent EntreMD Business School Mastermind I held in Atlanta, and WOW! What a two days it was! I jotted down 5 lessons I learned and cannot wait to share them with you here.

First of all, what you already know has the capacity to change your life. It's not always about accumulating more concepts, ideas, etc. We re-examined my tried-and-true transformational concepts and dove into them deeper. We leaned into our mindset to implement and/or audit what's getting in the way. It was incredible the impact this alone had. And that's just the beginning!

We went on to discover just how much our mindset is responsible for our results. Part of that is having a growth mindset where you go to meetings and conferences hungry for transformation.

I always say your network is your net worth, and this was very much the case at the mastermind. It was the most incredible room to be in. When it comes time to invest in yourself, whether that's going to masterminds like ours or joining EBS, your mind will play elaborate tricks on you—telling you it's not necessary or you don't deserve it. Forget that! You are your highest-performing asset! Of course you deserve the support you need to follow your dreams!

Start here with today's episode—you will be so glad listened to it!

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