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The Two Things Stopping You From Making Your Business Goals a Reality

September 11, 2023 Dr. Una Episode 359
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The Two Things Stopping You From Making Your Business Goals a Reality
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Five years ago, I made the daring decision to not just be a doctor but an entrepreneur. It was a strange, thrilling journey - stepping out of the confines of the hospital and into the vast, unpredictable world of business. Today, I am not just a physician but a successful entrepreneur, helping other doctors seize the realm of business, and I want to share that journey with you.

Embracing entrepreneurship in the field of medicine wasn't easy. It started with a yearning for something more - a desire for change. I wanted to diversify - to be a practice CEO, a speaker, a book author, even a consultant. However, I barely had the skills to do any of these. So, I invested in a speaker's program, a scary but necessary step. Over time, I found my niche, helping physicians like myself navigate the challenging waters of entrepreneurship. My commitment to this cause led to the birth of Entremd, a coaching and consulting platform designed specifically for physicians.

Now, Entremd is one of Inc's 5000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States. We've coached over 300 doctors and impacted thousands of lives through life-changing workshops. We have two best-selling books under our belt and a seven-figure practice and education business. This success didn't come easy. It required hard work, an open mind, and a commitment to evolution. Most importantly, it meant doing the work, getting out of my comfort zone, and interacting with the marketplace. I realized that without evolution and hard work, success is elusive. 

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Speaker 1:

Hi docs, welcome to the Entremd podcast, where it's all about helping amazing physicians just like you embrace entrepreneurship so you can have the freedom to live life and practice medicine on your terms. I'm your host, dr Ibnah. Oh, hello. Hello, my friend. Welcome back to another episode of the Entremd podcast. Today's going to be a lot of fun, because I'm kind of in my feelings a little bit. At the time of this recording. It's September 2023. And on September the 28th, we'll be celebrating five years of Entremd, and when I stopped to think about all the things have happened over the last five years, it really is mind blowing, it's humbling, it's shocking and it's also putting me in a position where I'm like, wow, if I could say yes to something that looked like an impossible dream and I could find myself here, then what could happen if I make yes saying yes a habit and to a certain extent, I have but when I look at the cumulative effect of it, it's a lot. And if I can take you back, I still remember I picked that day as our first day. Really, it was a journey, right? So you've heard me talk about 2016 being the time when it dawned on me that if my only skill is doctoring, that I'd be out of luck. And that's when I started pursuing my reinvention, or retooling myself and acquiring other skills and being able to do other things and make money in other ways. I still remember where I was in my home office and I thought about it. I'm like, okay, well, the first thing I thought of is, well, I could be the CEO of my practice, as opposed to lead pediatrician in my practice, and that's different. That's a skill set. That's all around building a business entity, building team, getting things done through people, being able to lead a very profitable practice even if I'm not seeing patients, and all of those things. I was like I guess that's the thing. And I'm like, okay, people make money. Speaking, I'm a super shy, socially awkward, introvert, introvert, but people make money doing that. And I thought of writing books, I thought of consulting. I'm like I've started this practice. It's really successful. It's a pediatric practice, mostly Medicaid, still a seven figure practice. I'm like so if the skills work here, they really work everywhere. And so I'm thinking about all those things and the thing is, at that point I couldn't do any of those things and I couldn't actually see myself do. I couldn't see myself dominating on stage or being this consultant. I didn't even know what a coach was, so I didn't say coach, I said consultant. I couldn't see those things. The CEO of my practice? I could kind of see that, but everything else was like totally, totally out of reach in my mind. And I'm so grateful that I decided, you know, even though I can't see it, even though I don't know how I'm going to go for it, I'm going to start and I was committed to figuring it out. And it was almost a year later that I found this speaker's program. And I didn't know anything about coaching. I didn't know. I didn't know you could be in a program and get an education that way. And I signed up for that. You've heard me tell the story many times. And I paid the $43,000 for it and my husband and I still talk about it until this day like that's the best 43 grand we ever spent. And I spent that not knowing. I knew I would evolve, I knew I would do the work, but I couldn't actually tell you how I would make a return on my investment because I was a doc who saw patients in my private practice. It's a little easier to see that stuff now, but I couldn't see. Ointremd was not even remotely a figment of my imagination. I mean, the first things I did was I did some courses, like over the summer, for teenagers. I called it the Virtual Leadership Academy and I would teach them personal development things, mindset hacks, habit hacks and things like that. It was so rewarding. I mean I had teenagers, parents come and, oh my goodness, you've given me a brand new child, and things like that. So I did that. But I was like I don't want this to be my thing, like I couldn't give my life to this, and I said, well, I'll help entrepreneurs, because it's really close. I love helping people become the best version of themselves and entrepreneurship is one thing that will force the best version of yourself out of you if you let it. And so I did that and noticed I wasn't making that much of a. I didn't have the traction that I wanted. You can scratch that all the stumble, stumble, stumble. I wasn't having the traction that I wanted. And the reason for that in my mind, when I had conversations with people is the people who were physicians were like, clearly, you're not talking to us, you're talking to the other entrepreneurs. We're physicians, we don't do things like that. And then everybody was a non-physician is well, clearly you're not talking to me because you have access to capital. You won't understand what we're going through and all of these things. And so I was just like okay, I got picked and I said for the non-physicians, they have a lot of stuff out there. They're a lot of programs, they're a lot of schools. They get it more than we do, but for us we're just in this awkward place. We think entrepreneurship is of the devil, but it really is our ticket out of the mess that we find ourselves in. And I said, yeah, I can give my life for that, like I can do that for the. I can take ownership of the physician community and do that. And so literally that's when we're like okay, and I started helping physicians with their businesses, some coaches, some in private practice, like in a one-on-one capacity, when I say some people is one or two. But I wanted to share the vision of what we're going to do. And I had this event event. I had six doctors at this event, okay, and three medical students. And at the event it was our first event. That's when we formed on TramD, that's when we coined the name entrepreneurial MD and I remember they paid 30 bucks each, which was just to cover their meal, and I paid for the students. So I doubt we broke it. Well, no, we broke even. We broke even at least. And then, yeah, and then I shared the vision of this is why we need to embrace entrepreneurship and this is why it's happening in the healthcare space. And I still remember, I still remember the docs who came, and that was our very first meeting was September 28th 2018. And so I stopped today to kind of think about it, like what are some of the things that have happened? And I share this, to kind of give you a space to kind of dream, to If I said yes to the things that are in front of me, even though they look scary, even if I don't fully know how, what could happen. Right, because the things that I'm going to talk about here, they're not things that I had even fully dreamt of. Like when I started, I was just like I know I have to do this. I know I have to do this, and so, in the course of these five years, we have directly coached over 300 doctors, whether that's through the Entremde Business School or one-on-one coaching or the programs that were precursors to the Entremde Business School, because we had two programs that were precursors, and it's over 300 doctors I think we're closer to 400, but it's over 300 doctors. Does it include our workshops, our workshops? At this point we've put over 5,000 people through them and if you've attended any of our workshops, our workshops are not. They're not fluffy, they're not things we just put on so we can run a sales pitch. They're like high value, really high value. It would change your life if you implement them type of workshops. And to think that we've supported that many people is kind of wild. We had two best selling books the Entremde Method Book If you haven't got it, you definitely want to grab a copy the Entremde Method Book and Made for More, which is a collaboration book which we did with some of the doctors from the Entremde Business School, and both of them are best selling books and sold thousands and thousands of copies. We have a podcast this one you're listening to. It's Cross 550,000 Downloads, which is so wild if you think about it. The podcast will be four years old in a few months and so it's just wild to see what has happened. Built up my private practice and I wanted to set an example, like you can build a practice as a business entity that has the capability of working without you, and so I went on a sabbatical as an experiment, amongst other things, and it's grown without me there. You know, like Entremde, I fought for it to grow. One of the reasons is because I feel like I have an assignment to the physician community and there are a million physicians and so I really have to get the word out there and do the work, and so I feel a responsibility to do that. I also feel like I have the opportunity to be an example of what is possible to the physicians, and so to build a seven figure practice and build a seven figure education business is kind of like either way, we can do this right. Either way, it doesn't mean anybody has to build. What I've built is just to say, well, it's possible, it's possible. That's not a ceiling. You can't say physicians can't do that, it's possible. And so we have this, we have EntremD, and EntremD is a company. The EntremD Business School is an institution that is really disrupting the space for physicians, showing them what is possible, and it's so amazing the doctors we've gotten the privilege of working with over the years and to see them across the six-figure mark, seven-figure mark, eight-figure, seven-figure mark, multiple seven-figure mark. I said eight and I'm waiting because we're going to do that too to see a place that is so positive, like I am convinced is the most positive place on Facebook, like really. And to see doctors in a time when people are so terrified they're terminating stuff. But these I mean these docs have been building brands, building business skills, building networks, collaborations all of these things creating wealth, even as employed physicians, and so when they tell them you're terminated, they come back and say I got terminated today and the crowd goes whoopee now you can go do whatever it is you really want to do and they're celebrated and things like that, and they go on to kill it. It's a really great place, a place where doctors can dream and nobody shames them for their dreams and this will call you out if there's stuff to be done. That's not happening and things like that. But it's a really great place. And to think that we've built that, that is so humbling and so wild. And more recently we made the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. We were number 315, which to think that on TramD, fastest growing and United States will be in the same sentence is like nuts. It's like absolutely nuts. And so when I think about all those things, and wow, if I didn't say yes all the way back then, if I didn't explore in 2016, if I didn't say yes to my development in 2018, if I didn't say okay, I'll hold the meeting with the six doctors and the three medical students, we wouldn't be here, like there's no way I could have predicted this is the way it would look. And the reason why, cheryl of this is I want you to think right now, in this moment what have you not decided to say yes to just yet? Maybe you're afraid I was. Maybe you don't feel like you're the kind of person who can pull that off. I understand that. That was me. Maybe you feel like you've tried some things before and they didn't work. I get that, but I want to invite you to be curious and go wait a minute. But what if this worked right? There's all this. What if it doesn't work? What if this? What if I lose my money? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But what if it works? I mean, this is one life, this is not the rehearsal. And who wants to live in regret like I could have tried then. I'm 90 now, so I can't. I want to invite you to say, yes, that is the place where magical things happen, right, and I don't want to just tell you oh, say yes, go for it. I want to kind of give you a two-step formula that I've used and I want you to, well, maybe three-step, well, two-step formula, and it's two things really. The first is a commitment to your evolution, right, like the version of you that exists right now is probably not the version of you that'll pull that off. However, you're gonna become that version, and that's not something that's gonna happen accidentally. You're gonna intentionally do the work to become that person. And what does that mean? That means that if you decide, well, I'm going to build a seven-figure company or I'm going to build a multiple seven or eight-figure company, your mindset is gonna need to go there right, like you're going to start adopting the identity of the kind of person who does that. You're gonna need to start adopting that. You may not have the habits that support that, whether that is personal habits, like reading and listening to podcasts and curating your inner circle, and like those kind of habits, or work habits like selling, you know, maybe, or leading a team or whatever you may go. I don't do stuff like that. But because you decided I want to take on this identity as this kind of person who gets these kind of results, then you're gonna adopt those habits, because now that's the kind of person you are and that's what you do, right, and so it's a commitment to evolution. I did this post on Facebook where it's like you're more like a play-doh than you are like a rock, like you are who you are right now. Great, but you're not stuck, you're not static, you're dynamic. You can become the next iteration, the next version. I mean, if an iPhone can do it and go from iPhone one to iPhone two, the iPhone three, what if we had a major upgrade every year? What if we had a major upgrade every 90 days? And that's kind of what I started working on, where Every 90 days I wanted to have experienced an upgrade, and so the results I get are different and all of those things and so. So Evolution, like you cannot, I mean you can, but I recommend you don't Fight to stay who you are like. This is just me. Like why, why, why would you fight for that? You want different results. You got to let go of what you've always done or how you've always thought, or all of those things. Evolution is the name of the game, right? And? And for me, I am committed to evolving till the day I leave this planet. I'm gonna become more and more and more of who I have the capacity to be right, and so that's the first thing and the second thing you know. So you know your mindset, work, all of those things will fall under evolution. But the second thing is really doing the work, and I talk about this. A lot motivation is not required. You don't have to feel a certain way. You don't have to be in a position where you can do it perfectly. You don't. You don't have to feel like it. There is work required, your willingness to do the work required right. So people, there are people who walk up to me and they're like I'm an entrepreneur, but I don't really want to do the selling thing, I don't do the marketing thing. I just want to get a team and I'm like you don't know, you have refused to Interact with a marketplace, so you don't even know what your marketing company can say. Then they can't figure that out for you. And, of course you can work with the marketing company, but you can't abdicate marketing. It doesn't work that way. Right, you have this big revenue goal, but you don't want to do the selling work. And I'm like, and I just want to funnel. I'm like the people with funnels are selling like they sell like the funnel is not the magic cure. If it was, they won't be selling. They're selling too. So there's work that needs to be done. Maybe you've hired somebody before. They burnt you badly and you're like that's it, I'm gonna do everything myself. Well, you're just gonna have to stay small. If you will not do the work becoming really good at hiring I'm really good at de-hiring, I'm really good at building company culture and good at leading your people You're gonna be by yourself. And one is too small a number for greatness, and so you're just saying I don't ever want to be great. That like, fine, I just stay where I am right. And so the work has to be done. The work has to be done and when you think about there is this is it's very, it's very subtle, meaning that you can miss it, but it's very aggressive in the sense that it's everywhere and it's in your face. And it's this narrative that entrepreneurship, when done right, is nice and smooth and you don't really have to work, like people tell me. I just need to stop working this job because I want to. I want to Do a business and just all my time when work, when I want, and I'm like you need to keep your job Because that's not. Though I don't know who told you that. That's not the way entrepreneurship works. Is it rewarding a thousand percent? Is it hard work, 3,000 percent? Right? And so if you so it's the whole. Sit on the beach, set demargarita, like it's just ooh, la la, that's my entrepreneurship. But I tell the doctors in the alternative business school that entrepreneurship is more, a lot more Like a construction site, and in the construction site people have the dirty clothes on. It's really dusty, it's noisy, it's in chaotic and all of those kind of things there. Delays all these things. That's that's construction. Now, you're gonna end up with a really pretty building, but you're gonna go through construction to get there, and if you have that attitude, then you're not confused that you need to work like you don't come dressed for the wrong way. Okay, you come for the construction site, you do what is required right. And now, of course, there are ways to make it easier, but there's no way to eliminate the hard work, right, like the hard work is a hard work and it just flat out needs to be done. And so If you'll be committed to evolving and committed to doing the work, then what's gonna end up happening is you're gonna get blown away by the results. Right, evolution, work, results, mind-blowing results, and that you know for everyone listening. This is my, this is my wish for you, this is my hope for you. I can't wait to celebrate when you do this. But if you decide to do you the evolution, and you decide to do the work, and you look, five years from now, you're going to be blown away. Now, it's not going to take five years for you to be blown away. I've been blown away for a long time, but you will be surprised. And to think that we're just hitting five years, like what is about to happen over the next five, I cannot even imagine. You know I'll try, but I don't think I'll hit it. I don't think I'll know for sure, you know. So those are the two things you want to do, right, and part of your commitment is the commitment to do it, to doing it. The other commitment is really the commitment to investing in yourself. Now I will say this if you're like I got this doctor and I know exactly what to do, then I'll just say you can hit the fast forward 30 second theme for a little bit. But there are many of you like you're committed, you want to get this done, you're committed to the results, you're terrified of investing in yourself. And I would say to you that if you're like I want to do this, but I know I need the mentorship OK, I've been listening to the podcast for a long time and I know the things and I know they'll work and I've tried it here and there, but I haven't been able to do it consistently and all of that. And you're like man. I've thought about the on-trendy business school. I've seen my friends go into the school and I've watched their lives like completely transform. I want to invite you and say, hey, maybe this is the day. Ok, you're in the same spot where it was five years ago when I had the opportunity to invest in, you know, the $43,000 speaker program, and I understand that feeling and I understand the what. If I understand this is crazy. I'm like I have never done anything like this before, but I am so grateful that for some reason, I said yes that day and I want to invite you to say yes to yourself too. Even if you're unsure, I want you to just go fill out an application. When you fill out an application, so on the keto probably, you get on the phone with you and look through your business and all of that stuff and if it is not the right next step, we will tell you right. If it is, we would love to welcome you and introduce you to your new community. We call it the EBS Commonwealth. It's just a group of rock star physician entrepreneurs who are killing it and it is such a great group and we will get to be. You know calls every week, live sessions, and we'll get to be in the same Facebook group and you'll get to share your wins. You get to ask questions, ask how you can apply things. You get to watch other people do crazy things and they'll be your inspiration and your daily motivation. If you will do that, ok, so it's ontrendycom forward slash business. That's ontrendycom forward slash business and start the clock. You know what I mean. Like start the clock, and I would love to see what you would be saying and EBS, in the ontrendy business school, we live 90 days at a time, and so what that means is, every 90 days you can look back and go, whoa, look, what happened. It's going to be so wild that could that could totally be your story. I start the clock, ok, and whether you joined the school or not, I mean as much as you can with what you know. Start your evolution, start doing the work so that you can create results that will blow your mind. I can't wait to celebrate every single one of them. What I would love for you to do is share this episode with another doctor in your life. Tell them oh, my goodness right, what could happen to us in five years? And you never know whose life you change by doing that. So share it. You share it on your social media tag, us hashtag on the internet, and if you're interested in the ontrendy podcast, I'd love to go. Reshare your stuff. Shout you out and I will see you, my friend, on the next episode of the ontrendy podcast. Hey, if you love listening to the ontrendy podcast, I want to invite you to join ontrendy on demand. It is my signature subscription program that gives you access to a library of business courses designed to help you do one thing as a physician entrepreneur, and that is to thrive. Follow on demand and I'd love to have you join us. See you on the inside.

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