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The Most Important Decision to Make For Bigger Results in the Next 90 Days

October 02, 2023 Dr. Una Episode 365
The EntreMD Podcast
The Most Important Decision to Make For Bigger Results in the Next 90 Days
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Are you ready to harness the power of evolution and end the year more potent than before? This episode is your golden ticket to taking that decisive step. Join me, as we dive deep into personal and business evolution, focusing on the powerful impact it can have on the people around you. Listen to the inspiring story of one of our students from EntremD Business School whose personal growth not only transformed her life but also doubled her father's business revenue. Just imagine what it could do for you and those around you!

This isn't just about personal evolution; it's about how your transformation reshapes your relationships and opens doors for high-level collaborations. Let's explore how clients, team members, and even your family can benefit from your road to self-improvement. By evolving, you're not only up-leveling your identity but also enhancing the performance of your team, expanding your influence, and gaining a newfound freedom that you've always dreamed of. But remember, the journey to evolution isn't a solo ride; finding an accountability partner and community are vital steps you can't afford to skip.

As we wrap up, it's time to take a look at the bigger picture and see how your personal evolution can radically alter your business and life. Embrace the change, because refusing to stay the same can be your ticket to unimaginable success. So let’s commit to making Vision 2025 a reality! To help you embark on this transformative journey, why not schedule a call with us at It's time for you to evolve and transform your life to new heights. And remember, sharing and celebrating success is a significant part of this journey. So let’s pledge to support and uplift each other, as we traverse the path to personal and business evolution.

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Speaker 1:

Hi docs, welcome to the EntremD podcast, where it's all about helping amazing physicians just like you embrace entrepreneurship so you can have the freedom to live life and practice medicine on your terms. I'm your host, dr Ibnah Well, hello. Hello, my friend. Welcome back to another episode of the EntremD podcast, and today we're going to be looking at something that is going to be really revolutionary for you, especially if you're listening to this. At the time when this goes live, it's the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year, which happens to be my best quarter, and the reason for that is really Q4, the fourth quarter of the year is an opportunity to go all in to finish the year out strong, and if you actually do the work to finish the year out strong, strategically you would have already taken care of Q1 of the following year, and so sometimes people are disappointed with their results in the first quarter of the year because they started working on the first quarter of the year in the first quarter. By then it's already done. It's really the activities that happen in the fourth quarter that create the results in the first quarter. Right, like if you're starting the first quarter, you're already. It's already late-ish, you can recover it, but that's a whole other thing. So I really pay attention during the fourth quarter, especially also because there are so many opportunities to be distracted, oh my goodness. And that is because you have Halloween there, you have Thanksgiving, you have Christmas. And am I saying, don't celebrate that, don't enjoy time with your family? Of course not, right In EntremD. We're all about building your dream business and building your dream life concurrently. We want you to do both. But I mean, it's the holidays, right, it's a holiday, not a Hollywood month. You know what I'm saying. And you can even decide I want to take the whole week off. I don't have amazing time with my family, but if you can be focused for the other three weeks, you can still create a Q4 that is magical because you did the work and you had all the time with your family, right. So the opportunities for distractions, where people find that they celebrated Thanksgiving for the whole month of November, they celebrate Christmas for the whole month of December, they celebrated Halloween the whole month of October, so really they have nothing to show in Q4 as far as results and nothing to show in Q1. Like a six month period is gone, right, and so it's really for people who are strategic about it, they actually set themselves up. This is the time they get ahead right, this is the time they get ahead. This is the time they get market share. This is the time they make their businesses so much better. This is the time they make their lives so much better, because most of the world is asleep. They look like they're awake but they're asleep. And so this is one of my favorite quarters and, for instance, in the Entremity Business School, we're going all in, like, we're starting hard, we're going all in and it's, I mean, I think, for the school as a community. This is just going to be one of the best seasons for us as individuals and as a collective. And so that's me and my love for the fourth quarter of the year. But anyway, I was thinking about what is the best thing you can do, what is the most important decision you can make as we get into the fourth quarter of the year? And it really is around your evolution, like the work you do to make you different, the work you do to upgrade you, the work you do to come up to the next version of you, right, like, so, if you think about an iPhone, there's iPhone one all the way up to. I don't even know what number there is. Now I think I have the 13,. My husband's been trying to change my phone forever but I keep saying I don't need it. It takes, I can give, I can take calls on it and it gives me great videos. I'm good, but it's time for us to have an upgrade right, and that's the most important thing you can do and the thing that triggered this thought. I've been thinking about it a lot. I've been working on my evolution intentionally over the last 30 days. I really went all in on it and I'm going to do a podcast episode about it when I'm done with my evolution project, because it's been so wild. But there's a doctor in the Entremde Business School. We share wins on Fridays and she posted a win that really brought tears to my eyes because she runs a practice, her dad runs a practice and she was talking about the wins that she's gone on to create and all of these things. And she said because of the principles I have been applying from the Entremde Business School, my dad's picked up on some of that and he had his revenue doubled this month as compared to the month before. And I thought about it like here's a doctor who's doing the thing, creating wins, and then here is her dad and her dad's revenue doubled because his daughter evolved. His daughter evolved and I started thinking about it and I said, wow, that when you evolve, there is a ripple effect. And I want to show you that ripple effect and my hope is, after you listen to this, you will pay the price to upgrade yourself. We don't have control over a lot of things. I don't have control of the fact that there's a recession or there's hyperinflation, or there's a great resignation, or the healthcare system is the way it is, and all of those. I don't have direct control over that. But there is somebody I have 100% control over and that is me. Now, if you understand that you have control of a switch that controls so many other things, you will use I mean, like you will use that right. You will use that. You will flip that switch as many times as you need to. So you know, for that doctor, her evolution created an evolution of people around her. But I want to show you five people, five categories of people, who will transform if you decide to transform. And when I talk about your evolution, I'm talking about upleveling your identity, how you see yourself, right, like, for instance, you may think about yourself and well, you think, like, I can generate seven figures in revenue, but I can't build an eight-figure company. You may think I can lead a team of people who are really producers, but I cannot lead a team of leaders. Right, I can't have an executive team. I'm not that kind of person. You may think like, I'm the kind of person who can just do the work and help people get results, but I cannot be perceived as a category leader in my industry. And so making that evolution where your identity, the way you see yourself, the way you perceive yourself, is different, doing that is part of your evolution. Upleveling the actions you take that's part of your evolution. The actions that, if I do this, it's going to have a really big effect, but you've been holding back. You start showing up and taking actions like that. That's part of your evolution. Your expectations like where have you capped things? Right? So when you think about all of this, once you start shifting those and nobody can really see it as you're doing the work of shifting it, but once it shifts, people know and people respond. Okay, so let me talk about the five categories of people who will be totally transformed, if you will transform. And so, once we're done with this, I want you to make that decision to transform, pay the price, do the work right. This is not comfortable work, it's not easy work, but it is so rewarding, so, so, so rewarding and so much easier than the alternative, which is not getting the result you want. So, number one, number one when you evolve, when you evolve, your clients start getting bigger results, right, they're waiting on you. Your clients start getting bigger results. And so, for instance, one of the things I do because I know that I'm a leader in the healthcare space, I know that I have influence. I know that right. So one of the things that I hold myself accountable to is my constant evolution, because when I break certain ceilings, what I'm doing is I'm showing other people hey, guys, this is possible. Like, let's go right. And it also brings this other piece of if I stop evolving, right, then I'm telling people without meaning to, right, I'm telling people well, you can come this far, but I think this is kind of it. You know what I mean. Like, this is it. And so one of the reasons why I continue to evolve is if I can continue to evolve. I can continue to show the people in my world what is possible and they can get bigger wins. So one of the examples here is in EBS scale. So EBS scale is on-trendy business school scale. It's the tier of the business school for doctors who have built businesses over seven of the figures in revenue and really still want the hyper growth and want to start building A teams, building systems that can handle massive growth, maximizing profits and really building these companies that are well-oiled machines that can run without them Right, like. So that mode right, and one of the common thought processes out there is it's really hard to find doctors. It can take you two years, three years to hire one. It's really hard to find management level people. It is so hard to keep staff and all of those kinds of things, and when people lose a team member, they're all bent out of shape. This is something that goes on and what I had done is evolve to the point where I believe that there is an abundance of A players. They already exist, they're already there, they would want to work with me, I can find them right, and so I have had scenarios where I've had a critical leader like say, okay, I'm going to leave and I'm like okay, I need to replace this person in 30 days, I need to replace this person in 60 days. What do I do? And I have developed a framework, I've developed a system so that I've had things like that happen. In 30 days, I had a contract in hand. In two weeks, I had a contract in hand and I continued playing this picture in front of them. And so what happens now is that people are like oh yeah, my lead nurse gave two weeks notice and on a Tuesday and by Sunday I had a new contract in hand. So they're not getting bent out of shape, they're not losing sleep over this. They're like this is what I need to do, this is the approach I need to follow and I will get the person I need. So this is now a new expectation. There is abundance, they are able to play players, I can build a robust team, I can build an A team and all of that. So why are they getting those bigger results? Because I chose to evolve Right now and I'm not taking away credit for the work that they're doing or anything, but because I had that expectation. I will constantly come back and share my stories of what happened. Then I'm saying this is within the realm of possibility. And they are then getting those kind of results and we have the results. I'm saying you can double your time off, right. And now they're in a position where a lot of them are taking trips with their families every quarter. They're running these big businesses taking vacations every quarter and their revenue is growing. As opposed to if I take the vacation, I have to sacrifice revenue, but they're growing and they're taking more time off. So why are they having bigger results? Because I chose to evolve, so I can be an example. So the first thing is it affects your clients. They're going to get bigger results and when your people get bigger results, that means the chances are they're going to stay longer with you, because that's why they came to you. They want them to get results. So they're getting what they came for. The chances are they'll be raving fans and tell other people about you. So it's better for your business, right? So that's the first thing. The second group of people would be your team, your team. When they see you evolve as a leader, then they up level their performance. So when they see you evolve as a leader, you now own vision casting. You now own setting clear expectations. You now own holding them accountable, because you may not know it, but people actually appreciate accountability. They may complain in the moment, but that means that you care about them. That means that you're going to help them become the best versions of themselves. That means a lot of things right. So when you up level as a leader, your team up levels. When you hold them accountable to higher results, they give you higher results right. One of the things that I strive for when I work with people is I want the people, whether they stay with me forever or whether they eventually go somewhere, to say, oh my goodness, the best time of my career was the time I spent working with Dr Una. That's where I evolved the most, that's where I learned the most, that's where I grew the most. I want people to be able to say that Now, as I evolve, I hold them accountable for their own evolution and I start giving them bigger tasks and I start pushing them into bigger rooms and I start having them do things that maybe they didn't think they would do right, and as I do that, their performance is up leveling. The amount of weight they can carry for the business starts up leveling and everything becomes better. Now, guess what? When you have a team that's able to do more, then you get more freedom, right, and you get more freedom to start doing higher level things as well. And so when you evolve, your team evolves. Now, when you have an evolved team, then you're really in this area of multiplication in your business. Multiplication because you can only do so much. When you now have 10 people who are now doing so much, then you're in business like you're in real business. Okay, number three, the third group of people who would evolve would be your inner circle. Okay, now, I see this a lot in the Entremde Business School and I tell this to them every time. I'm like every time you evolve, every time you start doing better, you start getting bigger results, you get more connections, your network grows, your life, your business gets so much better. But I want you to think about the combined effect, right, when you're in a community of a hundred doctors who are doing the same thing. So not only are you getting better, but they're getting better and you're connected to them, and because you're connected to them, their evolution rubs off on you, and your evolution rubs off on them and the results you create rub off like it's just this really wild thing. And so one of the best things you can do when you are in community is you can evolve, because your evolution affects somebody else. So think about. Think about either doctor I just spoke about where her dad is in her inner circle. Now his revenue is doubled. I want you to think about that right now. So he's better and he's functioning at a higher level and they can have different level conversations and they can set different kind of goals, because now they're like wait a minute, if we could do that, what could we do? What else could we do? And so you make your inner circle better and because of that, your inner circle makes you better. And it's just this ripple effect is give and take and it's just a beautiful thing. That is a positive vicious cycle, and so your inner circle becomes better. Number four your family. Up levels. Okay, I cannot. This is so amazing. So recently as well, I had somebody from the business school say hey, I always come to talk about my wins in my business, but the business school has made such a difference for my personal life and my family I wanna come talk about it. And so she starts talking about all these things. Her family is better. I cannot tell you how many people are like, wow, because we read a book a month in EBS. My husband has read more books as I've been in EBS for the last six months that he has in the last six years. I have people who started businesses and their husbands are like, huh, I might could do that too. And they started their own businesses. Right, so their families are better. The kids are better. The kids are learning the lessons. We've had people. There was a doc in the school. She started doing all these things. They heard daughter started a podcast. Their number of them. They have daughters in college and their college kids have started businesses because they're watching you. I mean, so think about a family evolving because you decided to evolve. And I know a time is coming when we're going to need to have EBS junior and we're gonna need to have conferences or retreats where the doctors will come with their teenage kids and we're gonna talk about business and how can they can take a role in the family business as part of their education. I know we're gonna do that, but I want you to think about the ripple effect of that. I mean, that is phenomenal because that's the real wealth. Right, that's the real wealth, that's there. So your family up levels, your family up levels, okay. And then the fifth thing is really, this is not a well, this is a category of people. But you start attracting high level collaborations because, guess what, the market is watching, the market is watching, right? They're like is she serious, is he serious? Is this business thing of fad that's gonna go away? The more consistently you show up, they're like when you show up consistently, they're paying attention. When you show up at a higher level, they're paying attention. They're like huh, what is going on here? What is the? And then people start opening doors for you. I have had doctors where people have walked up to them and say, hey, I think this is amazing. I think you should do a TED talk on this. Let's see how we can facilitate that. I have had people where they're like oh yeah, we saw you on YouTube. Will you come do an article for us on New York Times? We've had people who are like I saw your stuff on Instagram and Facebook and stuff like that. Would you come be a guest on ABC News? I've seen like all kinds of things. People start opening doors for you. You even have team members that start going like hey, I want to work with you. Like we have people in the school who doctors, who people have said I want to come work for you, I will take a pay cut to come work with you. They are high level clients. Like I can't count. Well, I can count Off the top of my head. I couldn't think of four people right now who have had celebrities, who have seen them and have come and said hey, I want you to be my doctor. Why did all of that stuff happen? Because they evolved, because they said yes to the higher version of themselves, because they decided to upgrade themselves. You see what I'm saying? And so all these clients you start coming at them, and all these collaborations like, hey, we want you to be a brand ambassador for this, we want you to be our spokesperson for this. We've had so many stories like that. I am telling you that the most important decision you can make to get bigger results whether this is this fourth quarter, or a new month, or a new year, or a new, whatever it is is the decision to evolve, to understand that you are like Play-Doh, and so that means you can change anything. You think, oh, that would be great if I could do that, but I can't do that. You can change, you can evolve. You're like I don't have the confidence. You can build the confidence. Right, I'm not able to dream that big. You can build the capacity to dream that big. The point is decide to evolve. Refuse to say the same, refuse to keep the same way of thinking, the same way of showing up the same level of expectation. Refuse all of that and say this is time for me. 2.03, 05.0, 11.0, whatever that number is. Make that decision. Okay, make that decision. So when you embrace this concept, it will radically change your business. But guess what? The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Like every aspect of your life will be different, every aspect. So I want to invite you the way your life is now doesn't have to be that way. The way your business is now doesn't have to be that way, doesn't matter if you're like, oh, I've tried this stuff and it didn't work before. What are we going to do? Quit, this is one life. We don't have time for that. Right, like it's like. Own the evolution. Make a decision to own the evolution. Now, many of you know what to do to do that. And I'm challenging you Go do that. Okay, go do that. Some of you know you've tried to do this. You need the accountability for it. You know you need the motivation for it. You know that the community, your end, is not supported. I want to invite you to find out how we can collaborate on the project that is you, that's you 2.0. Like, how can EntremD support me on this? How can EntremD help me? Right, because you don't want to stay the same, because you stay the same. These five things stay the same. They stay the same. Your clients get the same level of results. Your client, your team, doesn't up level. Your inner circle doesn't up level. Your family doesn't up level. You don't have up level collaborations. Like, who wants that? So go schedule a call with my team EntremDcom forward slash call. That's EntremDcom forward slash call and we would help you figure out, like, what would be the best next step. Ok, that's what this is about. What would be my best next step? Now, if you're like, no, I just I like listening to the podcast for fun. Dr Eunice will positive and stuff like that, I just do that. You don't have to bother about making a call. But if you're committed and you're like I don't want to be the same for the next 90 days, I don't want to be the same a year from now, I don't want to be the same, I want to take it. I don't I'm not even really sure how to pull this off, but I'm going to. I'm committed to doing the work to find out Right. If that's you, then go schedule the call. Ok, entremdcom forward slash call. And really what I want to see, because I want you to think about us as a community oh, my goodness, as a physician community, evolving. What that would look like, what that would look like Then Vision 2025 will be a reality, where we're in a place where loss of autonomy is not a thing, burnout is not a thing, like financial instability is not a thing. We're doctors at this place where we are living life and practicing medicine are terms. It's a reality for so many, but the more of us who make it a reality, the more we can topple over the craziness that's happening in the physician community. Ok, so go do this. This is one of those episodes I want to invite you to share with the doctors in your life. Take the link, share it, text, social media all of that Say, hey, you got to listen to this, you got to listen to this and I will see you, my friend, on the next episode of the EntremD podcast. I'm so excited for you and I cannot wait to celebrate all the wins you create because you decided to evolve. See you on the next episode. If you enjoy listening to the EntremD podcast, you have to check out the EntremD Business School. It's the number one business school for physicians who want to build six, seven and multiple seven figure businesses. You get the coaching, the accountability and the community. You need to do the work so you can thrive. To find out if this is your best, next step book a call with my team EntremDcom forward slash call. That's EntremDcom forward slash call. I can't wait to celebrate all the wins we can create together. Music PLAYING.

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