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Shifting from Yearly Goals to 90-Day Sprints

November 27, 2023 Dr. Una Episode 381
The EntreMD Podcast
Shifting from Yearly Goals to 90-Day Sprints
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Are you tired of setting ambitious yearly goals only to find them gathering dust half-way through the year? Good news, I'm about to introduce you to a life-changing strategy - the 90-day sprint. My own experience with this method revolutionized not only my business but my entire life, and you are about to discover how. This episode is packed with eye-opening insights, from my personal journey to a success story of a fellow entrepreneur who increased his profits by a whopping 66% and even secured a paid speaking gig. Together, we'll explore the power of celebrating victories and the underrated art of journaling them - all within the magic of a 90-day sprint.

But it's not just about setting goals; it's about having a clear plan and a robust support system. We'll talk about an upcoming workshop that offers the chance to join a community of like-minded individuals, all committed to crafting their own 90-day plans. You'll hear an inspiring testimonial from a doctor whose business and personal life were transformed by the 90-day sprint strategy. This episode is also a special shout-out to all the doctors who crave to take control of their lives and medical practices. So, are you ready to get out of the yearly rut and spring into the 90-day sprint?

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Speaker 1:

Hi docs, welcome to the Entremd podcast, where it's all about helping amazing physicians just like you embrace entrepreneurship so you can have the freedom to live life and practice medicine on your terms. I'm your host, dr Ibnah. Well, hello, hello, my friend, welcome back to another episode of the Entremd podcast. I am actually very excited because it is the fourth quarter of the year. The time of this recording is November of 2023. And it's just an opportunity to look back at the year. Look at all the things that have gone well, look at the challenges, look at the lessons learned right, because we either win or we learn the lessons learned. Look forward to the next year, start looking at the process of clarifying the vision, setting goals, deciding the most important activities and all of those things. Look at where maybe I've been thinking too small, where I need to expand, where I'm not allowing myself to dream because I'm just basing tomorrow on what I can do. That's an upgrade from today as opposed to thinking about it completely differently, and it's just an exciting, magical time for me and I'm glad that I get to not only experience that, but to share that with the Entremd business goal, to share that with you, podcast listener, and I think this episode is going to be one that's probably going to be a game changer for you. It's one of those you probably want to come back to again and again, and I think I have a really sweet deal for you too, right? So hang on to the end. But I want us to talk about the 90 day sprint, and this is something that I'd really practiced for a few years and I brought into the Entremd business school. We've done it for about a year, because we started Q4 of last year, and it's just this concept of living 90 days at a time, not a year at a time, and I think the trigger for this was I tell the story a lot of when I was trying to set goals. I really wish I remember the year. Maybe I should go research it out, could find out, but I believe it was 2015. Okay, so I'm writing my 2015 goals. So this was December of 2014. I'm writing my goals for 2015. I'm writing them all out the nine areas of life, what is going to accomplish in each of those areas and it was really exciting, and once I was done with it, I was like, okay, great, I have my goals for the year. It's all set out, I mapped it out. This is amazing. And I then stumbled on my 2014 goals and as I read through them, I was shocked, like shocked. And the reason why is because my 2015 goals that had just written for the next 12 months and my 2014 goals were almost identical. They were almost the same. But I'll tell you something I'm not a lazy person. I'm not a person who I did not think of myself as someone who was not goal oriented. I worked really hard, but I didn't really move the needle, and I'm sure I'm not. That's not to say I didn't make any progress that year. I mean, I made progress that year, but not the amount of progress I wanted to make, or I didn't move the needle for the things that really mattered to me. And I started learning this concept of not just setting and forgetting, but setting and building a relationship with my goals and learning to make it a part of what I do daily, weekly, monthly. So it stays top of mind and I stay working on it all through the year. Right, because there's nothing magical that happens when we go from December to January. That's going to make us accomplish our goals, like the things we need to do, and we need to do them routinely if you will. And so I was like, well, I may not be able to capture a year A year is a long time right? In January, if you don't do something, you're like, yeah, I'll do it in February, I'll do it in March, I'll do it, I'll do it in June. I mean, I have the whole six months right, and it just spills over. So I started living 90 days at a time, and so in the Elntree MD Business School, at the end of each quarter we start getting ready for a new year. So this year we've had four years in one, because once we hit the end of March, so April 1st, we're like, yay, happy new year, and the next quarter, happy EBS, new year. We did all of those things, but the impact of it is mind-boggling, because at the end of every quarter we review the quarter like what happened, right, what happened Business, all those kind of things. And so I'm gonna give you one of this is just one of a ton of posts, and this was somebody's review in Q3. Okay, now this is somebody who is running a business that is multiple, seven figures at this point, and she goes on to say these are the wins that I had. So the first thing she had is we increased our profits by 66%. Now, like when you you're like I read it, I'm like 66%. I mean like you're running a big business, right, but she increased her profits by 66%. And Q2 wasn't like it was respectable, but I increased it by 66%. I got a paid speaking gig, which that is a secondary, that's another vertical for her, if you will, and this will like you're an entrepreneur, so you'll get this right. Started this habit of journaling her wins every day. Okay, now, as entrepreneurs, we have this really bad habit of sitting in the things that are not working, the challenges we have, the problems in our business, blah, blah, blah, blah. And so it's possible to go through the journey of an entrepreneur, but you're sad the whole time, or you're frustrated, or you're like when will I ever get a break? When will these things go away? And to develop this habit of everyday stopping to say, okay in this day, what worked In this day, what am I grateful for In this day, how did I make progress? It's a habit that really helps you enjoy your journey, helps you realize that you're moving forward. So she started that habit in Q3, and get this profits increased by 66%, but she made two family trips in that quarter. One was an international trip, one was a domestic, like within the US, and she's at my self-care at some point. I want you to think about that. We're not talking about a whole year, we're talking about a quarter, right? So profits up by 60% and not revenue. Right, cause revenue is great. Right, but in a way, revenue is also a vanity metric, right, because the fact that you made the revenue doesn't mean you're taking it home. There's another number, right? Okay, so profit increased by 66%, paid speaking gig, journaling wins, which translates to enjoy my journey as an entrepreneur, more living in the magic of what my business is. Two family trips. So family, which for most people in EBS and for me, we're not trying to build businesses that will lead us to sacrifice our families. That's not the agenda. Our families have come first, before the business, and self-care, like taking care of her own selves, and these are wins in a quarter. Okay, and I could pull tens and tens and tens of stories like this. And it was just something that helped us, as individuals, get much bigger wins and, as a result, I mean our community is so much richer and when I say richer, I don't mean dollars alone. What I mean by that is we're much better as entrepreneurs, cause we've been working on ourselves, we're getting bigger wins, we're becoming more, we're becoming thought leaders, so we have bigger connections and we have access to each other's connections, and so, as a community, we started calling it the EBS Commonwealth. Right, what you're looking for is either here or the person who knows where it is is here, and it just became so good. And so this is then something that was like man, how can I expose even more physicians to this concept? Right, because if we can get this as entrepreneurs, we can have four years in one. That's what ends up happening. What you would have normally stretched out over a year. You're making such traction every month. Right, because you can hang on to 90 days. You can hang on and do something for 90 days A year is kind of hard, right? So when you split it up, it's so much easier. And so the way we look at it is it's kind of a three-part thing, where you're deciding on what the goal is, you're deciding on what the goal is for the 90 days, and you might be like of course, you're going to decide what the goal is, but I want you to hear me out, though, because a lot of times, we don't really want to own these things. We would like to just work and be busy. But once we say this is what we're going after, then we have to be about it, and so a lot of times when I do these workshops with entrepreneurs whether they're physicians or non-physicians it's okay. So what are your top three goals for this quarter? And they would write stuff, and so many times they will not write a revenue goal, and I know why, because it's 90 days Like that means I need to sit down, I need to bend down, I need to start doing the work. So they're right things about. You know they're going to hire somebody and they're going to revamp their website and they're going to do whatever on social media and they're going to, you know, link up with this referral source or whatever. I'm like okay, but we're going to make the rubber meet the road, though. We need a revenue goal, right, and so it's about setting the goals. For some people, it's a hire. They know there is this hire that they need. It could be a marketing strategist, it could be an office manager, it could be whatever executive assistant, but owning it. There's just something about saying this is what I'm going to do, that you really want to capture that, own it and be about it, right. And so we have these workshops that we would do and it's really around setting the goal. Setting the goal, then working the plan Like, how am I going to get there? Because there's no amount of setting a goal, looking at a goal, saying the goal every day, saying the affirmation, saying the goal as an affirmation every day. That makes the goal happen. Right, there is a roadmap that you need. This is the Yellow Brick Road. That's how we're going to get there. So we set the goal, we set the plan and then we set all these supporting tasks. Right, because there are things that can cripple you if you don't take care of them. Okay, for instance, your mindset like we're not going to set a goal and not have our mindset upgraded so we can support the goal. Okay, we're not going to set a goal and not look into how we take care of ourselves. So we are in a position to hit that goal. Right, we're not going to set a goal and not revamp our inner circle to make sure we're surrounded with people who support us as we hit that goal right. So we have the goal, we have the plan, we have the support system right. Those are the three things that we're putting in place so that, every 90 days, we're hitting goals, we're crushing goals, we're moving forward, we're making significant progress and we can even look at this in another episode but we're even doing this, sometimes by doing less things, not more. It's just that it's more of the right things, right, and so this is something that has it's made a huge difference, huge difference in the quality of the results that we got in 2023, again, as individuals and collectively, and in my businesses as well, and I want to invite you to do the same thing. Right, we have a fresh 90 days starting, a fresh quarter starting, and you can say, okay, right, what are my goals, what is the plan to get there, what's my supporting system? You can literally sit and workshop this and hit the ground running right, but it would be wonderful for us to get these results. That just don't make sense over the next 12 months because we chose to live 90 days at a time. Okay, now, for the first time and I'm so excited about this we are going to have a session that is like a joint session with people in the Entremd community and people who are the Entremd Business School, because we're going to be doing this workshop to create your 90 day plan. Okay, so, the people in the Entremd Business School, they already know about it. It is on December the 4th, 2023. And we set up a system so that you, listening, you can decide. Man, I want to be part of this. I want to show up for this two-hour workshop. I want to be in community with the doctors in the Entremd Business School as well and just work my plan. What are my goals for the next 90 days? What are my? What is the roadmap? What is the plan to get me there? What is the supporting cast? That the supporting cast I need to work on to support my goals. Right, because I want to crush my next 90 days. If it's something that you're like what Dr Una speak no more, where do I go Then this is what you need to know. Okay, so this workshop is going to be happening on December the 4th is going to be 6 pm. Eastern is going to be for two hours, and we're going to work together to create your plan for the next 90 days. Okay, so that's what we're going to be doing for the workshop and then to give you support for 90 days, your 90-day block, right? We have a number of things that we've put together for you. One of them is we have the Million Dollar Entrepreneur Course, and this is a course where you look at the Million Dollar Entrepreneur Mindset, look at the Revenue Generation Framework, look at your time management, which is like the CEO calendar. That alone is right. And we're going to look at building profitable teams, profitable systems. All of that is all included in that course. So you get access to that for 90 days. You get a monthly guest expert who will come talk to you, somebody who is living in this 90-day sprint, who will come share their experiences and share the strategies that they're using. You'll have a monthly networking event that you can attend with other people who are doing this workshop with you as well. You get weekly texts from me to keep your momentum. Come on, you can do this right. So we put this together. We called it the EBS 90-day accelerator. So we get to work together, if you will, for 90 days, and the investment is so wild, so wild that the answer is yes. So it's untramdcom forward slash accelerator that's untramdcom forward slash accelerator. So go register. You'll get the link so you can join us. You get access to all the bonuses that come with it, and I can't wait to celebrate you, too, in 90 days, right To see what you go on to create. And the beautiful thing about this is this becomes the gifts that keeps giving, right. It's not as though you learn these things after 90 days. You forget them, right? That's not the way that works Like. This is something you will use and use and use and use. It's a new way of life. It will radically change your business and, as you'll see, with this doctor whose testimony I just shared, this is something that will not only affect your business, because the thing is the way you do. One thing is the way you do everything. And so all the time this is all the time when I say what are your wins, what are your business wins, there will always be that personal thing. I mean the best physical shape of my life. I took the most trips with my family ever. I mean the best mental. It's actually one doctor, dr Rebecca Barons, and she says it, she said it on the pot. I mean EBS has done more for me than therapy has done for me for years, right? And these are all the things that come out of that. Okay, so you definitely wanna save your spot on tramdcom forward slash accelerator and we will sit and we will work on that, and these next 90 days will be the most magical 90 days of your business and I can't wait to celebrate that with you. Okay, now I want you to leave with this thought. I want you to think about thousands of doctors who are now killing it as entrepreneurs, because we've learned to live 90 days at a time, we've learned a system of setting goals, creating a plan to accomplish them, and we've also set the supporting cast so we don't sabotage ourselves and all of those things that tend to happen. And when you look for the people who are building the dominant businesses, the most innovative, most impactful, most profitable businesses inside and outside of healthcare, you're looking at doctors, right. That's, you're looking at doctors and that is gonna happen, right? But it all starts like this and I'm so glad that I get to be a part of it. You get to be a part of it and for you, I want you to think about following the next 90 days with this sense of clarity. These are the things that I want to accomplish. These are the things that will change my life the most, and you have clarity on the right things to do. So you're not overworking, you're not hustling, you're just doing. You're working hard, but you're working hard on the right things, and this sets you up to set the stage for you to live life and practice medicine on your terms. That's what this is all about, and I cannot wait. I cannot wait for us to do this workshop together and I cannot wait for you to go on to create these massive wins in your life, which I can't wait to celebrate with you. So share this episode with another doctor in your life. Go to entremdcom Forced slash accelerator to save your spot, and I will see you December 4th in the Zoom room and we're going to create magic together. All right, see you then. If you enjoyed listening to the Entremd podcast, you have to check out the Entremd Business School. It's the number one business school for physicians who want to build six, seven and multiple seven figure businesses. You get the coaching, the accountability and the community. You need to do the work so you can thrive. To find out if this is your best next step, book a call with my team entremdcom forced slash call. That's entremdcom forced slash call. I can't wait to celebrate all the wins we can create together. Nothing for you.

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