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7 Mindsets of the Ultra-Successful Entrepreneur: Part Two

December 18, 2023 Dr. Una Episode 387
The EntreMD Podcast
7 Mindsets of the Ultra-Successful Entrepreneur: Part Two
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Ready to redefine success and accelerate your entrepreneurial journey? Hold tight as we uncover the four mindsets unique to ultra-successful entrepreneurs that can propel you towards your goals. This episode is all about focusing on the process rather than results, embracing challenges, cultivating a sweat-worthy work ethic, and developing self-belief that supersedes your wildest dreams. The real transformation begins when you start auditing your thought process. 

Keeping the momentum, we unravel how the creme-de-la-creme turn their difficulties into growth opportunities. There's an insightful discussion on the importance of a solid professional and personal team to drive colossal success, saving you from feeling confined within your business. This episode is a roadmap for cultivating a mindset that leverages others' potential, teaching you to let go and open up to grander opportunities. Remember, the path to success isn't meant to be walked alone.

Today, we will explore the mindsets of ultra-successful entrepreneurs. This is your key to maintaining a growth mindset, being proactive, holding yourself accountable, setting goals, working hard, staying positive, being adaptable, and fostering a supportive network. Take a step further and share this episode to create a community of forward-thinkers. Let's make 2024 the best year by changing our mindsets together. Grab your notepads and prepare for a mindset revolution!

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Speaker 1:

Hi dogs, welcome to the EntremD podcast, where it's all about helping amazing physicians just like you embrace entrepreneurship so you can have the freedom to live life and practice medicine on your terms. I'm your host, dr. I'm now Hello, hello, welcome back to another episode of the EntremD podcast and, like I promised on the previous episode and if you didn't listen, go back and listen we talked about the first few mindsets of the ultra successful. There's seven and all, and on this episode you're going to listen to the rest of them. So this is one of those episodes where I want you to really lean in. I want you to do an audit of how you think. I want you to think about the edits you can make to the way you think, because this is a thing that changes everything. All right, now for the episode Number four. Number four the ultra successful have this mindset that focuses on the process versus the result. Now, if you're multitasking, this is time to stop multitasking. Pay attention to this one. This will rock your world. Okay, they pay attention to the process. I know Dr C right, she's. Let me lean in. This is going to be good. I love it. They focus on the process versus the result. So let's look at it this way I decide this year I am going to bring in a million dollars into my business. That is the result that I want. Okay, I've decided that's my goal. Then, as a savvy entrepreneur, I sit down and I'm like, okay, if I want to make a million dollars this year, what are the things I need to do? Okay, so one is okay, this is what I'm going to do for my marketing plan, is one of them? For my sales plan? These are the referral sources I'm going to reach out to. This is what I need to do with my social media, all of that. So you decide this is what will get me there. Now, those who are not savvy keep focusing on the one million. They look oh, the first quarter is gone by and I only made a hundred thousand. That doesn't add up, because if I make a hundred thousand a quarter, that's only 400,000. This is not working and they're worried about it and worried why they don't have the numbers. And all of them the savvy, ultra successful person understands that there's no amount of looking at the result. That creates the result. So they go back to the process. Am I executing the marketing plan? Like I said, have I built the referral sources that I said, okay, is there a plan that I made that's not quite working, that I need to tweak? They have come to Jesus meeting with themselves. You said you were going to do all that. Are you doing it? They're focused on the process because they know the process creates the result. There's no amount of looking at the result that creates the result. So, for instance, when I first started my podcast, I would find and if you're here and you've done this, just identify with me in the comments. Okay, make me feel great. And then I'm looking at it and I'm refreshing the page. Oh, we have a thousand downloads. And I'm like, well, what about 3000? I'm refreshing the page and I'm looking at it and I'll look at my downloads multiple times a day and all of that stuff. What is useless? There's no amount of looking at my downloads. I'll give me more downloads. So I had to come to Jesus meeting with myself. I was like, okay, if you want more Dr Beckford says I'm triggered If you want more downloads, what do you do? I apply to be a guest on other podcasts because I know if I'm a guest on other podcasts I get more downloads. Good, what else would you do? I'll post about on social media, because if I post about on social media, people find that they'll come down. Great, what else do you do? I can send an email every week so I can say, okay, we have a new episode and this is why you should listen to it. Awesome, what else would you do? Well, I do create content for entrepreneurs. If they ask questions, I can give them an answer and tell them, oh, and go listen to this podcast episode to get more. Okay, what else would you do? So the question is so the thing is, focus on doing that and stop refreshing the page. There's no amount of refreshing the page that produces downloads. So think about this. When it comes to hiring, I'm trying to hire and found the person good. Well, what do you need to do to get that hire? I need to tell this person. I need to post in this association, I need to post it on. Indeed, I need to tell the people who are already working with me to refer other people to me and to do these interviews. All of those things Good. Focus on that. The ultra successful at this attitude, this mindset of focusing on the process, focusing on their part, focusing on what they can control, not looking at the result that they have no direct control over. If you got it, say I got it, this will save you. This will save you. This will save you so much time. It will save you so much time. It will save you from so much pain. It will save you from so much disappointment. Set the result, leave it alone. Decide on the process, focus on that so every day, rather than refresh and you can refresh. How many podcasts are like Dr Una? I not refresh that page. Please can somebody identify with me Because I said that I focus on the process but I'm still refreshing my page. Thank you very much. Right, okay, so do that, but focus. What do I need to do to get the result? I'm refreshing the page to see. Some of you may do this with your bank account. Some of you may do this with your quarterly goals, so it's just like I'm looking at the process. Sometimes people tell me oh, I made this investment. I'm worried, I'm not seeing the return of my investment. The return of my investment has no amount of looking at the investment, which is even worse because it's in the past. There's no amount of looking at the investment that's going to produce the return on the investment. What do you need to do to get the return of the investment? That's what we focus on. They focus on the process, not the result. Okay, I think I beat that one up enough. Yeah, what do we think? Yeah, dr Una is doing good. Okay, all right. All right, let me give you one more juicy one. I have seven, but this one is juicy like number four. Okay, number five the leverage difficulties. Okay, I'll give you some nicer ones right after this. We have this mindset that looks at difficulty as an opportunity to get better. You didn't say that again. We have this mindset that looks at difficulties as an opportunity to get better. Okay, it's an opportunity to get better. For instance, the crisis we have here in the healthcare space. You can choose, right. The not savvy person said oh, what was me? This is horrible. I wish I wasn't a doctor. I just want to quit everything I'm done and please don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying it's not painful and things are not happening. Right, hybrid practice they're reducing our reimbursement. It's just crazy. The ultra successful person what lesson can I learn here? What opportunity to be better do I have here? How is this working for me? They're saying this in the midst of pain. They can say this as they're crying, but they recognize that on the other side of those tears is something great. I just need to figure out what it is. They don't see difficulties as problems. Stop, this is horrible, and it may be. But in the midst of all of that, they're savvy enough to go how is this working for me? How is this? What can I do with this opportunity? They see difficulties as opportunities. So, for instance, there is a doctor in the entrendes in school. She's a rheumatologist and she's well, I have these people, these team members I'm working with, and there is a high turnover because we're in the middle of the great resignation. Right, that is a difficulty. And all the private practice people said, amen, they get it right, it is a difficulty. But she then said, wow, but what if I use this opportunity to create a training system that's documented, rather than me training them as they come? Let's say, document a training system. I've uploaded it on our portal, we have our own learning portal, we have our own university, if you will, so that the time requirement for me to train them is not there, because I've done a one on one and done so. I still have the meetings with them. But the heavy lift, I do it once and think about that. If I'm doing that, then there are many other rheumatologists who will probably need that and who knows, later on that goes on to be a vertical. That is a difficult situation that an ultra successful person is seen as an opportunity. If you got it, say I got it. You guys tracking with me, you know what I'm going to chill, let me see how we're doing. How are we doing? So? I was talking to difficulty. Okay, I hear you, but it makes sense, right? So think about the difficulties you're facing in your business right now. What if it was an opportunity? What if, two years from now, you're like I never want that to happen ever again, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. What if right? What if? What if it was an opportunity? And there's always a lesson to be learned is always an opportunity to get better. Always, somebody left you a one-star review. Phew, right, but it's an opportunity. It's an opportunity to say, okay, is there truth here? Is there truth here? Okay, let's build something there. Let's make sure what happened, the ball we dropped, we never dropped it again. Let's build a system. Let's build a process around it. What got better? You got that, your business got better Right, and at the same time, you also learn. In that moment I can't keep going back and forth and thinking I'm no good because I got a one-star review and all that. So let me find a way to distance myself from this in a way where I don't get bent out of shape every time somebody says I don't like what you did, so your business got better, you got better. What if every difficulty was an opportunity? Something happened. You can't work in your business for two weeks. That is a difficulty, but it's also an opportunity, because it's like how can my business run without me? How about I set some things up and set that emotion? Now you have the two-week period where you couldn't work. You can go on to have the two-week period where you choose not to work Because you build a system and your business is better. So they have this mindset that sees difficulties as opportunities. So I want us to do this really quick. I want you to think about one difficulty you have in your business right now. I want you to think how is this an opportunity? I want you to think about it real quick. Once you can see one way, it's an opportunity. Type one in the chat Just think something that's difficult. How is this an opportunity? Once you see one way, it's an opportunity. Type one. Type one difficulties are gifts. We don't want them, we don't pray for them, but when they show up they're gifts. Yeah, okay, I see the ones coming. Anybody else, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, hi, dr Minako. Dr Minako is joining us from Japan, my daughter's favorite country. Right, okay, beautiful, right, I got tons of people who've seen that. Okay, all right, number six the ultra successful. They have a mindset that is all about getting results through others. Right, and we are physicians, which means nobody can do it like us, right, nobody can do it like us. Well, yeah, I can do that. But they understand one is too small a number for greatness. They understand that, right, we understand that. And we want to be ultra successful, we want to be among the greatest and all of those things. One is too small a number. They understand giving up, not giving up control it says that you no longer have control but giving up some control. They understand there's pain to building a team, but I'm going to build a team because I need to get massive results and I need to be able to do it through people. Right, they understand building a team, not just a professional team, but a personal team and we're going to talk about this on Saturday when we do the seven figure dream team. And they understand that's because they're like I don't want to build a business that becomes a trap. I want to build a business that serves people, that creates financial freedom and helps me build my dream life. How many of you like that? How many of you just like the sound of that? I serve a lot of people, I create financial freedom and I have a dream life. Yeah, who likes the sound of that? Yeah, I want that. Okay, the price for that is team. Nobody can do it like me. There are no good hires anywhere, blah, blah, blah, blah. We're ultra successful. We don't think like that. Okay, we don't think like that. All right, the ultra successful understated have this mindset of getting things done through people. Getting things done through people, you're like, well, I'm an employee and all that stuff, yeah, you can have a VA, you can have whatever, and we're going to the specifics of it on Saturday. But they understand, getting things done through people. There is no award for doing it by yourself. There is no award for doing it by like. I did this and I did it all by myself. There's no award. The ultra successful are professionals at getting things done through people. Okay, and if you're like me and you're like delegation, I don't know how to do that. We will learn all about that on Saturday, okay, but let's start from the mindset of it from the beginning. It means that I can get help at home. I can get help at work, I can get help in my business. I can get help in my passion projects. I can get help with my kids. I can get help. I can get help. I can get help. I can have a big team. Okay. Now we're going to talk about this a lot on Saturday, but I'll tell you this it took me a while to learn this. My husband is a professional at it, so I got like direct mentorship, which is great. But people are like how do you do everything? Because I do a lot right. So I have like I have my private practice. I have on-trendy, I have a podcast. Well, I have three podcasts. I have a Facebook group to manage. I have the on-trendy business school. I have this live event. I have married, I have four children, I co-pastor church with my husband, I have it's a ton, and I could keep going and going. And people are like, how do you do it all? I'm like I don't. That's how I don't. I have teams for everything, right? So you want to live a life with a massive reach, fulfill your visions, have your business dreams become your reality. You can. But that thought of I'm the only one who can do it, nobody can do it like me. There are no good people. It's a thought we need to discard. The thought we're embracing is I get results through people. I get results through people. I get results through people. Okay, all right. Final one Can you guys take one more? Prove it in the comments. Hi, dr Stockwell, so nice to see you. So nice to see you. Yes, you can take one more. Okay, okay, okay, let's do it Okay. Number seven Number seven is the ultra successful. They have this mindset that prioritizes their internal state. Right, they understand I am the center of gravity. When I'm better, everything is better. When I take care of me, everything is better. When I get better, my business gets better. But their internal state? So what that means is things like sleep. Right, they see sleep as a profitable business activity. Right, because if they sleep, they're well rested, they can make better decisions and all of those things. So sleep, nutrition, exercise, unplugging, walking in nature, meditation, prayer, like all the things they do to take care of them, they recognize it. Dr Tullou is going to use this as a weapon. I'm going to bed. This is a profitable business activity. Good night, good night. I'm going to go work on my business right now on my bed. But they understand that once I am out of order, everything is out of order. So it was Jeff Bezos who said, like I have, my job every day is to make a few very critical decisions. So what I do for my company is I get eight hours of sleep, so I'm in the best state to make those decisions, and that's somebody running a trillion dollar company. You guys see what I'm saying. So taking care of you is a huge part of taking care of your business. Taking care of you is a huge part of being ultra successful, right, okay, so those are the seven mindsets. There more, but I think seven is good. Okay, it's good. And so what I want you to do is this, and you let me know once you do it in the chat. I want you to start the journey today. You might get a guess a lot. I'm not even doing any of them. I want you to pick one and say I'm going to adopt this starting today. I'm going to think about it, I'm going to say it, I'm going to practice it, I'm going to take action in line with it until I'm going to start today. Okay, so I want you to pick one and then I want you to type in the chat one. Once you do, you're like I'm going to start working on this one. I think this is a rate limiting one getting in my way. Maybe you've been hugging comfort Like I won't do it, it'll make me sweat. I won't do it, it'll make me comfortable. Right, pick one. I love it. I love listening to numbers. I'm going to sleep seven hours every night. Dr Funke of Follaby Brown, who is our sleep expert extraordinaire, will be so proud of you. So proud, right. Which one is that going to be? Maybe you found out like wow, I think I've been really prideful. I listen to podcasts. I'm like they don't know what they're talking about. They don't know what they're talking about. I don't care about that. I learned that Right. When you say I learned that and it's not working, you haven't learned that. You know what I mean. Yeah, okay, makita, if you could post the seven steps so people can copy and paste. I think you did that once, but somebody was asking Okay, so, okay, yeah, so we're going to pick one. We're going to pick one, and I want you to think about this. I want you to think about somebody. I want you to think about you being this person who has a solid mindset. Okay, you're that. You have a beginner's mindset. You're coachable. You're learning. You have your dreams in front of you at all times. Like, you remember it. You make decisions based on it. You take actions based on it. Right, you embrace discomfort. So the uncomfortable things of entrepreneurship come up and you're like I can handle that. Right, and it doesn't mean, it doesn't hurt. But you're okay, you live in that place because you know that's where the magic happens. Right, you're not distracted by your results so much that you're not doing the process. Right, because you're like I need to focus on the process. That's what I do. When difficult times show up, you're like okay, this is hard, I'm going to go through it one way or another, but I might as well go through it and learn something. I might as well go through it and become better. I might as well get something out of this, if I'm going to face it anyway. Right, and you become this person who you start thinking, who know how. Like, how can I get this result through people? Who can I recruit? Who can I get on my team? Right, how can I do that? And then you take care of yourself and, because of that, that seven figure business and when I say seven figure, it may be your first, it may be adding on another. There are people from startup to seven and a half million here and you can go. I'm going to add a zero. That's what I'm going to do. Right, and think about it. That could be you, where mind drama is something you have control over. Well, your mind stopping you is a thing that used to happen, not a thing that still happens. You build your dream life, right, you build your dream life. So many of you have picked. This is the number that I'm going to be working on, right. Well, who's yep going all in? I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it. I'm not going to keep circling in my mind drama. I'm not going to keep circling and let my mind stop me. My mind is mine. If you listen to the podcast, you'd have heard me say that the undisciplined mind is an idiot. If you allow it, it will destroy your business, it will destroy your dreams, it will cripple you, it will paralyze you, it will keep you. It will do all of that. So your mind can be a tool that will help you win or it can become a weapon that will destroy your business. You can choose. Will it be a tool that works for me or will it be a weapon that works against me? You get to choose. Okay, I've decided. My mind is mine, so I will paint it and teach it how to think. Okay, okay. So you have your workbooks, okay In your. The reason why I have, you have a workbook and the reason why you cannot fill it in, you have to print it is because I want you to walk away with this thing. That is like marching orders. Okay. So on it you'll see a section for your biggest takeaway. On it you'll see a section for a win, because I want you to acknowledge the wins as you go through this. So win for you will be oh my goodness, I just realized that I live for comfort and that is crippling my business, right. Or you realize I get paralyzed in difficulty. But now I know, in this difficult situation, I'm like I just found three ways. This is an opportunity that could be your way. Okay, so you have your biggest takeaway, you have your win and you have your next step. If you notice, for the next step, I give you two lines, because I don't want you to have 7,000 next steps. I want you to have the next step. This is the one change I'm going to make, or these are the two changes I'm going to make, right, and if you make those two changes, we're going to do it with each section as you do. It is going to create phenomenal change. I don't want you to attend this and say, oh man, that was amazing, it was so much fun. I want you to attend this and I want you, three years from now, to still be saying that's where everything changed. For me, I don't care, and be like that's where everything changed. Okay, all right. So who's going to work that workbook? Make Dr Oona feel good. Let me know in the chat. Just go, dr Oona. Three years from now, I will be sending you DM. Oh, who knows what social media platform will have there. I'll be sending you something to tell you. This was the thing that changed everything I worked with Dr Ryan Hi, he's like 100%. I worked the workbook, okay. Work the workbook, okay. So this is the deal. This is our first session. Okay, tomorrow we are going to have a session at 7pm where we're going to be looking at the seven figure social media brand. Please notice, I did not say that having fun on social media, scrolling through and wasting my time session. Okay. This is how can I leverage my brand, my brand, on social media to create something that can create seven figures for me? I will tell you this. People started saying things to me like the reason why my business is not working is because of ads, and so because of that, I said you know what? We're not going to use ads and on-trendy to rebuild it to a seven figure business. So that way, I can tell you, you can build this organically. You can do a lot of stuff on social media. So if you're like I don't want to do social media, this is a session for you. Make sure you're there. Okay, I'm not going to come that way, I ain't doing it, but I'm going to listen to what you have to say. Dr Oona, come with that. I'm okay, I can handle it. I'm a big girl. Okay, if you're here, you have a business and you want growth. You want to build a seven figure business. Please hear me. Please hear me. I want you to show up tomorrow night 7pm. I'll give you my best stuff. People at EBS, all my viewers, say I see Dr Oona every week, but this was powerful man. This, dr Oona, you are doing the mostest. Thank you, right, you're doing the most. This I'm coming and I'm leaving it all out there. Hi, dr Charmaine, I'm leaving it all out there. So come, this is the thing that changes things. So, after doing the mindset and doing the social media, when you show up on Saturday, it's going to be wild because you're practicing, you're ready, you got that. Rid of the things out being your way. Some people are going to be going. I don't believe all that I'm going to do that You're like no, I have this mindset. I'm curious. I have a beginner's mindset. I'm going to get all the things. You're ready, okay, you are ready, okay, all right. So how do we do? Let's do reviews. How many stars? How many stars are we going to put for Dr Oona today? I miss Makeda. Dr Chinema says oh, we'll be ready. Yes, we will. How many stars are you going to give the team? Let me know in the chat One star, two stars, five stars? Oh, look at all those. So I said all the stars. You are my best friend, my best friend. Look at that. I have the actual stars. Love it? Okay, all right, so this is my gift to you. So homework for you today is take your biggest takeaway. Well, it's on social media. I was on Chamd live, the pre-event. Oh, my goodness, biggest takeaway. This is what this is. Come join me tomorrow. Okay, use the hashtag on Tremby live because, as you may not know, makeda loves to spend my money, so she has gifts for people. She's going to be selecting people at random, so make sure you use the hashtag on Tremby, hashtag on Tremby live and I'll see you guys back here tomorrow 7pm. Okay, now save the day for Saturday. Saturday is 10am to 4pm. It is like a whole MBA. We're going to be looking at the seven figure roadmap, the seven figure marketing system, the seven figure sales system and the seven figure team. Okay, there's no one you should miss. Okay, all right, guys, this was a lot of fun, so honored. We got to do this. Go walk with your new mindset, like the ultra savvy person that will be recording for tomorrow, but there will not be recording for Saturday. Okay, but there'll be a recording for tomorrow and the replay for this. You'll get this in about an hour, okay, all right, everybody, good night. I'll see you tomorrow, 7pm Eastern. Whether you have it, those are the seven mindsets of the ultra successful. These are a few tweaks, a few edits you can make to the way you think that are going to change everything for you, especially if you're listening to this when it just went live, meaning that you are getting ready for 2024. These are the shifts that will help you make 2024 your best year yet. So this is what I want you to do. Okay, one of the things that will really help you have these mindsets is, you know, make it your default way of thinking is for you to be in a community of people who think just like you. So I want you to take this episode. I want you to take it and give it to all the doctors in your world and tell them listen to this. It will change your life. Let's hold each other accountable, hold ourselves accountable. To think this way, okay, and this will change not just you, but them, their families, their businesses. The ripple effect would just be huge. So go, share it Also. Share it on social media and let's change our mindsets together. I'll see you, my friend, on the next episode of the EntremD podcast. If you enjoy listening to the EntremD podcast, you have to check out the EntremD business school. It's the number one business school for physicians who want to build six, seven and multiple seven figure businesses. You get the coaching, the accountability and the community. You need to do the work so you can thrive. So find out if this is your best next step, call me on my phone. I can't wait to celebrate all the wins we can create together.

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