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Maximizing Success Through Simplification

December 21, 2023 Dr. Una Episode 388
The EntreMD Podcast
Maximizing Success Through Simplification
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Unlock the untapped potential of your business assets and embrace the sweet synergy of simplicity and success! This episode is a treasure trove of my personal strategies, shining a light on the profound impact of refining business practices, from the calendar of a CEO to the power-packed punch of the Entremd Podcast. I lay bare the game-changing benefits of honing your assets to not only achieve greater victories but also to bask in the luxury of more leisure time. Prepare to transform your routine with workshop-style dynamism and actionable steps that could dramatically alter the trajectory of your entrepreneurial journey.

As we navigate the world of physician entrepreneurship, the Entremd Business School beckons with its tiered programs designed to meet you at every step of your path, whether you're accelerating, growing, or scaling your business. I dissect the potency of crafting effective calls to action, streamlining business processes, and the art of engaging your audience through a variety of platforms, ensuring transformative results. By tuning into this discussion, you'll be equipped with the know-how to elevate your engagement strategies and possibly redefine your path, while discovering the strength in numbers through a community of like-minded professionals ready to propel you to staggering new heights.

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Speaker 1:

Hi docs, welcome to the Entremd podcast, where it's all about helping amazing physicians just like you embrace entrepreneurship so you can have the freedom to live life and practice medicine on your terms. I'm your host, dr Ibnah. Well, hello. Hello, my friend. Welcome back to another episode of the Entremd podcast. As always, I'm super pumped to be in your ears and at the time of this recording, it's the middle of December. I have a lot of thoughts on my mind, not in a bad way, not in an overwhelming way, but I'm thinking about what happened in 2023, the lessons I learned, the wins that were created, what 2024 could look like, what I would have to do to pull that off, like I'm really in that space, spending hours, really working through these things. I'm being content, working on them, to an extent, coming back, working on them again, and one of the things that I have really been working on is how to simplify. Simplify to maximize. That was actually those are my words, for I think it was 2021. But how do I make everything simpler, but make it more profound? Right, and I think this is a thought. It's a question that is worth asking in your business, and it will set you up to use your time better, use the assets you have in your business better and get bigger results and have more time off, and I think it's something you definitely want to do. This is one of those podcast episodes that you really want to workshop. Probably want to grab some of your friends, make an accountability pod and just listen to it together and put a timer on. Let me get some work done here. Let me think through these things. One of the most powerful things we can do as entrepreneurs is really spend the time to think, and it's something that most entrepreneurs will avoid, because you have to confront things, you have to evaluate circumstances and thoughts and decisions and all of that, and it's kind of stuff people don't want to do. But anyway, I am committed to making things simpler. I've spent hours working on what my new CEO calendar or my ideal work week would look like. I spent time thinking what would be the strategy, what do I want to go all in on? And I'll tell you one of the things that I've come up with, and it is this concept of optimizing what I do have. It's very easy to look at the things that you don't have, but a lot of times, we have more than enough to create the results that we want, and so I'll give you an example with three business assets that I have. For instance, one of those assets would be my podcast, this podcast that you're listening to, and it is a great podcast. We have thousands of subscribers. We have tens of thousands of downloads every month. We've crossed the $600,000 mark, which is insane. We have two episodes that go out every week. We've done that consistently for three years. The first year of the podcast, we had an episode a week. So many people have reached out. I mean, I've had people reach out to talk about private practices. They've started just from what they got from the podcast. I have a doctor who does a lot of acquisitions and this whole journey got started from listening to your podcast, and so it's been so powerful, the results that we've created. But then it is an asset that I can choose to optimize in the next year. And what would that look like? Well, that would look like higher value content to make sure people are getting even bigger results. That could look like reaching out to the listeners to even ask find out more what they need, what they're struggling with. I do this a lot on the Facebook group amongst the students in the entrepreneur business school. But I can do that even more, and so I make sure questions are being answered. If there are things that maybe I'm doing a series of episodes on that, and so I can do that, and so that would create more wins for the listener, I can facilitate sharing and subscribing and all of these things more by creating shareable graphics and doing contests or giveaways and things like that. I could do live podcast recordings in Atlanta and have a live audience there as well, create more of a buzz, more noise around it, more networking around it, which will be great for the people who come in live and would be great for our business as well. I can decide that I want to be more strategic about maybe having certain resources that would go with different episodes, and so with each episode, my email list is growing and things like that. So do you see what I'm saying? Like there, I mean, the podcast already exists. The podcast is already great, but I can optimize it and make it an even better tool for the business, right, meaning that it helps you more and it helps our company more, right? So that's a true win-win situation. So that's one thing that I can look at which is an asset. The other thing I can look at is my email list, right, and if you're not on my email list, oh my goodness, you want to get on there. It's ontrendycom forward slash newsletter. And because I have decided that, yes, we send emails and we do all of that and we send a lot of high value emails, I've had so many people who would respond and say, oh my goodness, thank you for this, I needed it today. Someone else would go to my goodness, you read my mind, this is exactly what I needed, and things like that. But you know, I was like, yeah, but I could do a structured newsletter and I can give a business principle, a business tactic, a mindset hack, one thing that you can apply. And if you take what comes out of that newsletter and you apply that every week, that's 52 nice size changes over the course of a year and you will not be the same and your business will not be the same. And so that would be my way of creating even bigger wins, right, and we're talking things that are tactical, maybe behind the scenes, of something that I've done in my business that's worked, or I've helped a client do and it's worked, and so, again bigger wins. But then, from a business perspective, well, I can also tag on sponsorships to my email, right, and so that grows revenue and all of those things. I could get better at leveraging my calls to action, because there are some of you who've been listening for a while and the Entremd Business School has been calling your name, right, like we are now at a point where we have three tiers of the Entremd Business School and wherever your business falls, there's a tier for you, right, and so can get better at that. So for those of you who do need to make that transition into Entremd Business School, you can, and if you're listening to this and that's you Entremdcom, so if you're listening to this and that's your business, call again, we do not do high pressure sales, that is not a tactic we use, but then my team will be able to sit with you, analyze what's going on with your business and see if this is truly your best next step. And if it is, we can help you with that process and get you started and get you into one of the containers, if you will. And so, again, it's a business asset. I already have the email list. I already send out emails, but I can optimize it and make it even more powerful. It's a business asset for you and it's creating bigger wins for the company. Okay, and so that's something I can do. I have another asset, which would be the live events that we do. We do a lot of workshops, right? We've done seven ways. Private practice owners leave money on the table every day. We have done the visibility formula workshop and I want you to think about it. Right, we are. Those are things we'd have hundreds of people register. We have people experience life change, business change, just from the workshop. We have people who have high value, and then some of the people come into the Entremity Business School, and that is something that we can optimize. It already exists. This is a point, right, it already exists. So, okay, so well, we would have 300, between 300 and 700, 300, 800 people come to our workshops. So how can we have more people register for the workshop? How can we have more people come on live, and so they're experiencing transformation? So it's a nice the experience, so it's a better experience and people are able to implement more during it. So they're having bigger wins again. Right, because we serve and earn. That's what we do, starting with the service, and so it's a better experience and they're getting bigger wins from it. And then, on the other side, how are we able to set the stage for the people who the Entremde Business School is ideal for and say, okay, you've been waiting, now is the time, come on in, right? And if we up all of those, everybody wins. The people attending win, and then we win as well, right? And so I could go on and on. I could talk about our books, I can talk about, you know, the Entremde Business School itself, which, oh, my goodness, okay. So the Entremde Business School. We have three tiers of the school. Now, like I said, we have EBS Accelerator, which those that's cohort based. We do that once a quarter, where there's the 90 day spring plan workshop where you come and work on your goals for 90 days, and then we have the support system to help you. There's a course, the Million Dollar Entrepreneurial Course that goes with it. So you have all these. You have the course to support you to get your goals. There's live sessions to help you get your goals. There's like guests with people who are crushing it, right, physician entrepreneurs, and it's all designed to just help you capture that 90 day period and get monster results right. And then there's the Entremde Business School Grow, which is what everybody knows as the Entremde Business School, is our 12 month program and that's for doctors who are committed to building six, seven, multiple, seven figure businesses. And that's been around for almost about three and a half years at this point, and it's been so wild the winds are unbelievable, unbelievable. And then we have EBS Scale for the doctors who are at, or dangerously close to a million dollars in revenue per year, and they are still interested in hypergrowth. They are interested in increasing their profits, because at that point revenue becomes a vanity metric. If you're not taking the money home, how much, it doesn't really matter. And so, looking at profits, how to bring systems that can handle scale and can handle your exit, and how to build team, because at that point the biggest headache becomes team. But there is a skill around that right. And so, wherever your business falls, there's a place for you in the business school right. And again, that place to go schedule calls is Entremdecom. But what are we doing in the Entremde business school? As I think about this, I spend all these hours working on this stuff. What is the simplest way to get my people the biggest results, right, that is what that's the whole brainstorming and mindstorming that I'm doing, and we've come up with some really wild things that I'm excited to share it with the team. Like this is what is coming in 2024. And that's what I've been working on. How can I help them get these wins? Simply Not easy, right, there's nothing about entrepreneurship is easy. Anybody tells you. It's easy to lie to you, but it can be simple. It can be simpler, right, and so I said all of this. I took you behind the scenes to say all of this, to say I want you to take a moment to think. Right, it's easy to think about the things we don't have, but the things that we do have, how can we optimize them, how can we make them simpler? How can we use them to get our clients and our patients bigger wins, and how can we use it to create bigger wins for the company? Okay, I want you to give that some thought. It's a really powerful question to ask, and if you ask and answer it, it's going to create radical change in your business. Okay, so go answer these questions, get some friends, do it together, start implementing the things right away, right, don't wait. Some people are like I'm waiting for the new year, like nothing is going to happen because we moved from December 31st to January 1st, right, like we have to do things differently. So do that, and I cannot wait to celebrate. Right? You're like I grew my revenue by 100% by just tweaking what I already had, doing the things that I was already doing better, right, so that we could get bigger results from it. And I mean that has been my experience. There's so many bells and whistles that many businesses have that my business just doesn't have, but it's able to serve at a high level and it's able to earn at a high level because we're diligent and we're good stewards of what we do have. Right, we figure out how to optimize what we do have. So go to that. I cannot wait to celebrate you. And this is an episode. You want to grab the link, text it to a friend and say listen, go, listen to this, go listen to this. You will thank me for it later, okay, and I will see you on the next episode of the Entremd Podcast. If you enjoy listening to the Entremd Podcast, you have to check out the Entremd Business School. It's the number one business school for physicians who want to build six, seven and multiple seven figure businesses. You get the coaching, the accountability and the community. You need to do the work so you can thrive. To find out if this is your best next step, book a call with my team. Entremdcom forward slash call. That's, entremdcom, forward slash call. I can't wait to celebrate all the wins we can create together.

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