The EntreMD Podcast

The Skinny on Coaching with Dr. Caroline Clerisme, Dr. Catherine Toomer, Dr. Kereese Gayle-Farias and Dr. Latifat Akintade

October 26, 2020 Dr. Una Episode 68
The EntreMD Podcast
The Skinny on Coaching with Dr. Caroline Clerisme, Dr. Catherine Toomer, Dr. Kereese Gayle-Farias and Dr. Latifat Akintade
The EntreMD Podcast
The Skinny on Coaching with Dr. Caroline Clerisme, Dr. Catherine Toomer, Dr. Kereese Gayle-Farias and Dr. Latifat Akintade
Oct 26, 2020 Episode 68
Dr. Una

On this episode of the EntreMD Podcast, I have 4 amazing doctors as guests!

We will discuss questions about their entrepreneurial journeys and how they’ve overcome obstacles with coaching.

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Amazing podcast ! by @Denise_DDoc – Aug 22, 2020 ★★★★★

Dr. Una is so well informed and engaging. She discusses various entrepreneurial topics for physician with helpful and practical tips. This podcast was recommended to me and I’ve remained a faithful follower since. Highly recommend !!

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Dr. Toomer: Wellness and Weight Loss
Dr. Caroline: Doctors Out of Debt
Dr. Kereese: Pediatric YouTube Channel
Dr. Latifat: Money Fit MD 

Show Notes Transcript

On this episode of the EntreMD Podcast, I have 4 amazing doctors as guests!

We will discuss questions about their entrepreneurial journeys and how they’ve overcome obstacles with coaching.

Listener Spotlight of the Week!

Amazing podcast ! by @Denise_DDoc – Aug 22, 2020 ★★★★★

Dr. Una is so well informed and engaging. She discusses various entrepreneurial topics for physician with helpful and practical tips. This podcast was recommended to me and I’ve remained a faithful follower since. Highly recommend !!

Have you subscribed to my podcast? If you haven’t, I want to encourage you to do that today. I don’t want you to miss an episode. Great episodes will be coming every week and if you are not subscribed, there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on those.

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Also, I would really love it if you left me a review over on iTunes, too. Your glowing reviews help other people find my podcast and I love reading them. Just click here to review, select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” and let me know what your favorite part of the podcast is. Thank you.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

EntreMD Business School
Join the mailing list here
Dr. Toomer: Wellness and Weight Loss
Dr. Caroline: Doctors Out of Debt
Dr. Kereese: Pediatric YouTube Channel
Dr. Latifat: Money Fit MD 

Dr. Una  0:03  

Hi Docs! Welcome to the EntreMD Podcast, where it is all about helping amazing physicians just like you embrace entrepreneurship so you can have the freedom to live life and practice medicine on your terms.

I'm your host, Dr. Una.

All right, everybody. So welcome back to another amazing episode of The EntreMD Podcast. I know I tell you every week that I'm super excited about the episode, but I'm super, super, super duper excited about this episode, because I have not one, two or three but four amazing physicians on here with me. And we're going to be talking about all things coaching. So I know a lot of Docs have questions and you're thinking of starting a business or you know, you're thinking of, you know, remodeling some part of your life and you've heard about coaching and you have questions about coaching, you know, we're going to talk about all of that today. Okay, so I have Dr. Toomer, who is a family medicine doctor and she helps people maximize their health and wellness through weight loss. She is fantastic, phenomenal doctor, and I have Dr. Caroline Clarisme. She is a dentist and she's the founder of doctors out of debt. She helps doctors get out of debt, which is phenomenal. I have the amazing Dr. Kereese Gayle. She is a pediatrician out of Valdosta, Georgia and she is a model inter for nor totally killing it. And I have Dr. Latifat and she is a gastroenterologist out of California. Just so you know, my dad says you live in Georgia. I'm like, yeah, you don't live in California. You don't live in America. I was like, whatever. So she's, she's based in California, where my dad thinks all Americans should live. And she is the founder of Money Fit MD she helps female physicians get their money, right? Okay, so these are the four amazing doctors that are on here. And we're just going to talk coaching. Okay, so I'm going to start with Dr. Caroline. I'm going to give you a moment to introduce yourself and I want to kind of share what life was like for you before coaching.


Dr. Caroline  2:18  

Thank you for having me. Again, as you introduce me, I'm Dr. Caroline Clarisme, general dentist in Manchester, New Hampshire, where it's already cold. And I help doctors get out of debt and create generational wealth. And I'm the founder of Doctors Out of Debt. And it took several years to get to that point. I actually didn't even have a business for a year aggressively and have a business. And I met Dr. Una. And she definitely gave me no roadmap as far as how coaching can change everything and how it can have a business. I mean, if I just followed her the plan that she had for me, because I was told by several coaches, not just once several that I didn't have a business, what I realized that I was, I was talking to the wrong coaches. So it's very important to actually hire a great coach who has a vision for you, who has had success stories as well, to be able to help you get to your goal. So yeah, to answer your question, I had no business before coaching.


Dr. Una  3:20  

Wow. Okay, so I didn't know several coaches told you you didn't have a business. I thought it was one. Several. Okay. All right. So when you need a coach who says that's not a business, maybe find another coach is the moral lesson of that, okay. Now, when you decided, Okay, I'm gonna do coaching because a lot of people decide, maybe I should do that. But then they think, well, maybe I don't have the money to invest in coaching. Or maybe I failed at this before. So I'm not going to do this. What kind of objections Did you have as far as getting a coach on board? How did you overcome them? What made you decide now I'm gonna get a coach anyway.


Dr. Caroline  3:58  

Well, it was my passion. It's always been my passion to help doctors get out of debt. But again, sometimes I still have some kind of resistance because I kept hearing voices of those auditory coaches, you don't have a business no one is gonna pay you no one's gonna hire you. So of course I kept having those voices in my head but I just had to stay focused and to myself, I that's my passion. I know people need help getting out of debt and creating that wealth. So just has to stay focused.


Dr. Una  4:24  

Okay, so keeping your eyes on what it is you want it to help people do. Yes, why how to go like whatever. I'm just, I'm just gonna do it. And yes, yeah, I love it. Okay, so for you What has been the best part of coaching like being coached?


Dr. Caroline  4:40  

To me it's probably being vulnerable or just being coachable? Because it's very important to just, I don't be in control. I love love being in control. A lot of was like Okay, let me let Dr. Una guide me I'll do it. But it was a process but for me, I actually enjoyed that to let someone guide me and not be in total control, and actually started seeing results. I'm like, let me let Dr. Una do it because I'm already seeing results. So just being coachable. And just relax, you know, just enjoying the process.


Dr. Una  5:14  

Oh that is so good. And that's one of the thing about being an entrepreneur, you get to enjoy it like it's fun. After you get over the first Ahh, you know, and gets fun. So now you went from I didn't have a business and what I am thinking about doing what I'm passionate about is not a business to now having a business. So how has life changed? How has your business changed since you started coaching?


Dr. Caroline  5:41  

Well, I have a feel that I'm more confident as far as helping doctors get out of debt. I have many people always contacting me, because they know I'm, I know what I'm talking about. I'm very comfortable talking about getting out of debt, creating wealth, and I have so many testimonials, so many doctors, they're happy with their results. So yes.


Dr. Una  6:02  

The best thing for you. 


Dr. Caroline 6:04

Yes, I love it. I love seeing results, quick results. And I feel like the when I have some doctors, they're like, they just text me that Oh, I just paid off seven credit cards in two months. Or credit score went from 704 to 800. Like quickly, you know, and I love seeing those results quickly.


Dr. Una  6:22  

So that's for me that that part is like the I think that's the high of being an entrepreneur, like seeing results in other people is like you can't replace that feeling. That is awesome. And if you guys don't know, Dr. Caroline, she paid off $250,000 of student debt in four and a half years. And now she helps other doctors do the same. So if you're thinking like man, you know, every time I go to bed, I wake up in the middle of the night because I'm terrified of these student loans that you need to you need to go fight Okay, doctors out debt calm. Awesome. Okay, so shifting gears, Dr. Carolyn, I'm going to come back to you. Let's talk to the amazing Dr. Cathy Toomer. She is I'm gonna let you introduce yourself as well. Okay. And she has a phenomenal story as well. And then, you know, tell us what it was like before coaching for you?


Dr. Toomer  7:16  

Well, you said I'm Dr. Catherine Toomer. I am officially trained in Community Health and Family Medicine, and primarily worked with underserved communities to help people turn their health around. I myself then had a health crisis where I, after gaining weight for several years through residency, the stress of residency, the stress of medical school, eating like my husband, because I just got married, having two children in three years, living near my mother in law and not being able to tell her no, because she can really cook. I ended up with a BMI over 40. So I was morbidly obese. And I'm five feet tall, so that I was just ill my ended up as an insulin dependent diabetic, my joints ache, I didn't sleep very well. And then I said, now that I had a new a newborn, a month after she was born, I went into congestive heart failure, and my ejection fraction was about 15% at the time. And like 15. Wow. And I was given a 50% chance of living five years, most women who were diagnosed with what I had 50%, there's a 50% mortality rate. So I was scared. I was, and I couldn't exercise. And I couldn't, I couldn't do much of anything. I mean, I couldn't even brush my teeth and stand up at the same time. And so, but I knew that there was at least something. The only thing I could control with my weight. And I knew that if I could get my diabetes under control, because I couldn't do anything about my heart. But I knew I could do something about my diabetes. And so I just essentially, I started looking for doctors to help me looking at nutritionists, looking at any for anyone with any information. And I learned a few things rather quickly that most people follow the science, the science, but not the art of medicine, that you have a lot of people who've never struggled with weight, trying to tell people who have a weight issue how to lose it. And that my medical school education was somewhat inadequate in terms of helping people get from point A to point B using a real bio psychosocial model. And so what I ended up doing was creating a program for myself. Now, this was long before ketogenic diets, and I ended up creating that for myself. I just kind of figured that out over time that you know, cutting my cartilage down doing everything and, and so I did lose 60 pounds. I went off insulin, actually went off medication altogether for diabetes, was diet controlled by ejection fraction over time went up to 60%, with 50% being normal, so I was actually better than normal. And then I went back into clinical medicine. But I found that I couldn't help my patients do the same thing. And so eventually, I just got tired of 15 minute appointments and created an entity where I could spend an hour, I became essentially a health coach, before I even knew what coaching was. I didn't even realize that doctors could be health coaches, but I ended up creating something where I could help people like maximize their health and wellness, but through weight loss, but using a bio psychosocial model, so therefore addressing, you know, health issues, social issues, how you're, you know, how your body functions, how you function in society, and how your well-being and you function within mental health. And so that's what I and I knew it was a business now that I knew, and I actually jumped headfirst. I mean, before I even had a business model. Before I had it. I had an office setup of my program put together. But it was, it was a little hard because what happened, I decided I was going to get out of clinical medicine. A friend of mine had a weight loss business, sort of handed it to me, but it was a model that I didn't really follow. But I didn't know how to get out of that model. And so I floundered and I had all these ideas, and I knew all these, and I just floundered, I was floundering. I had people coming at me saying they wanted my services. And I didn't quite know how to streamline them. I didn't know, you know what kind of programs I should have, if I should have packages that I had that I just didn't know. But I knew one thing I knew I wanted to own my own business, I wanted to own my own time. And I wanted to make sure that what I did felt good to me, in terms of helping people health wise, I just didn't want to be a weight loss pill pusher, because I just didn't feel like that was. So I went to a business conference put on by another physician who I had been following on Facebook. And while I was sitting there, another doctor stood up and start talking about her business. And she said, I am a pediatrician. I own my own business. I work two days a week doing what I love and the rest of the time I do all the other stuff that I love. And I say that's who I need to be talking to you in the first that was.


Dr. Una  12:26  

And that was two years ago.


Dr. Toomer  12:30  

Yeah. So I started following you on Facebook. And then I just needed someone I could trust someone who I could have confidence in someone who wouldn't take my bs to begin to put it lightly, we just put me in my place because I'm someone who tends to, if I don't like something, I'll railroad over people just I am not gonna listen. And I needed someone to say okay, yeah, you can, you can fool yourself if you want, but and so. So that's what happened then. And then I just got nicely streamlined. And I realized that what you did for me was exactly what I was doing. Or my clients, my patients, in that I was just getting all the pushing all the noise away. And getting down to the real issue, fixing that issue first, and then building from there. 


Dr. Una  13:28  

I like that! Do you guys like that, take off the noise away and streamline it that is so good. get right down to the real issue and take care of that.


Dr. Toomer  13:36  

That is so good. And you say the brass tacks. So that's exactly what that's what you did for me. You gave me focus. And that's what I needed. Love it. Love, love. Love it.


Dr. Una  13:46  

And I've loved working with you love it. Okay, so this is two years now. Alright, so at this point, you're probably really far away from floundering. So what does what does life look like? What does your busines look like?


Dr. Toomer  14:00

My business has grown exponentially. It grew exponentially after we started working together. I mean, we're talking 600% with it, because suddenly I had a message. I had a voice I knew exactly. That was the biggest, I think the biggest part of what you help with getting my message clear. So people knew exactly what they were getting when they came to me. And I could do so much as a family physician, pretty much everything falls under my, I guess my skill set degree. But I had to focus because otherwise it's like if I had to make sure I did start going down that primary care road with every single person who walked the office, which was difficult for me at first. But then what, what life what it did was that it kept me focused. So they gave me more time, which meant I had more time for my family. I had more time for my hobbies. I had you know more time to relax to actually decompress. I could control my schedule. Absolutely. So it was getting to the point where I was getting to the end of my rope. I could just not have any activity for a week, and relax. And that really, really, really came into play when my father passed away in March, I didn't really appreciate it. Until my father passed away on a Friday, the country shut down from COVID on a Monday on that, that Monday. And I needed a break from everything because I had children coming home from college. And I just, it suddenly hit me that I truly created what I wanted. A entity that I could scale as I wanted, I could step away as I wanted, I could fully control my schedule, and not owe anything to anyone except for the, you know, the people, of course, the patients, but I could read them out in a way so that I could have that time to, to really heal, I needed that. And so that is I have to say is the absolute best part of what has happened is realizing that I have absolutely achieved what my ultimate goal was, was to have complete autonomy. And I have that, and I and I really, and I would not have had that had I followed where I was going if you hadn't pulled me back in onto the right path, because I would have had an office that I had to be in every single day. And that's really not what I needed or wanted. And so when COVID hit I pivoted within two days. 


Dr. Una  16:23

I remember that, because I didn't talk about the pivot. We got on a call, and you're like, Oh, yeah, I pivoted, I took it all online. I was like, Oh, great. Okay, that's amazing!


Dr. Toomer  16:31  

Yeah, completely. And if you had asked me six months before, you know, you're going to be at home the whole time, we're gonna do all this. And I would have been, it would have freaked me out completely. But the steps were in such small increments. And were so logical that when I got to that point, it didn't feel like a strain, it didn't feel like something so drastic. And again, I keep paralleling what you do with what I do, and realizing that your process and my process are very, very similar, just in different fields. And so I've actually, in learning how to run my business, I've also been learning from you how to be a good coach. Even though that technically isn't part of what we do together, just by modeling, I can follow what you're doing. And it actually has been as much of a learning curve as the information that you've given me.


Dr. Una  17:29  

That is so amazing. So, so amazing. I'm happy for you. She's like, I did what I set out to do, like, how cool is that? 


Dr. Toomer  17:39  

No, you helped me do what I set out to do. Lord knows, I don’t think I would’ve reached there, I don’t know where I’d be right now.


Dr. Una  17:46  

So cool. And that's the beautiful thing about you know, being an entrepreneur is you choose what you want to do, right? My dad is 84 and he's still reading anatomy books still today. And he loves like, he just wants to take care of patients forever. And for some people, we want to do that for some people for you I know your family and being there for them. And all that is so important to you like so, so, so important to you. And you get to practice medicine in a way that it lets you do what is most important to you. So that's, that's beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. All right, so right along, I'm gonna let the amazing Dr. Kereese introduce herself to the EntreMD community. She is a fabulous physician. So she's not going to tell you this, but I will now so she reached out when she was a year and a half or so out of residency. And she was like, so about coaching. I was thrown off because I'm like, wait a minute, she's fresh out of residency. And she's just like, I know, there's more and I want more like this is years ago, but it's stuck in my brain that she said that as she is one of the most phenomenal physicians I know. She is an intrapreneur and you know, I'm excited that she gets to share her coaching story with you. So Kereese you can introduce yourself and you could share what life was like before coaching and what made you reach out and say I want to coach.


Dr. Kereese  19:16  

So I'm like, I tend to kind of low key stalk people on social media. So yeah, I graduated residency and I think you actually were right, it was about two and a half years after it was about a year I reached out to you. But that's because I was watching you. I've been watching you for a while and I saw all the ways that you were kind of doing exciting things for your practice and like putting yourself out there. I used to tune into like your legacy parents show.


Dr. Una  19:49  

You did? I don't remember that. Low key stalking. Okay, got it. Got it.


Dr. Kereese  19:54  

I was listening and I watched you know those episodes. And I just, I was like, that's like what I want to do. I love my job of a pediatrician. I love seeing babies, I love clinical work. But at the same time, I've always been this person that I love having my hand in all these different pots. And I like, I tend to be good at what I try to do. And I like to do a lot of stuff. So I couldn't see myself just nine to five every day. And that's it. So because I saw that you were doing all these things. And then I saw that you started coaching. I was like, Well, I mean, she's who I want to model after. So that's why I reached out to you. Because I don't see myself just doing clinical work forever. And not even in the beginning. Like I like to try different things and do different things. So yeah.


Dr. Una  20:51  

I love it. So I'm going to have you share a little bit right about some of the key things that you've done. So you're in an intrapreneur, you're employed. But you've done a lot of really cool things in your practice. And that's made a huge difference, both in how your proceeds, how you're positioned in the practice, how you're positioned in the community. Okay, can you share a few of those things?


Dr. Kereese  21:15  

Well, all due to you, if you push more, of course, because you push us all to do, to think outside of the box and do things that are not, that don't necessarily come naturally to us. So I started doing a YouTube channel. So one of the main things where we'll post topics and just talk through and the community just really loves that I have people that come into the office and say, hey, yeah, you're the doctor that I saw on YouTube, that's why I chose this practice.


Dr. Una  21:47  

Or you’re the famous YouTuber, okay?


Dr. Kereese  21:48  

Or, yeah, please keep those videos coming, because we all will get together and just share it like this. And this is what my doctor said, you know. So, that's been really useful, not just for getting the name of the practice out, but also just for keeping our patients informed. And they really love it. I've done a little bit of speaking here, there. Which also, I mean, you know, I'm in a smaller community. So they really love when they have a doctor that they can, you know, come up to after and, and ask questions about, you know, what's going on with their kid and what else have I done? I was kind of pushing before COVID first to start telemedicine. And so, when COVID hit, we were ready to start telemedicine. So we weren't scrambling, because we have to be ready to pivot and change and move with the times because everybody now is all mobile. It's all digital. Everybody wants, you know, they want their paperwork online, they want to see their doctors online, they don't always want to come into the office. And so that was something that was really huge for the practice as well. So I mean, those are, I guess, like the three main things.


Dr. Una  23:05  

Yeah. And I think I remember you saying that they check the website traffic, and they're like, Oh, yeah, most of the traffic, I don't remember what the number was came from the YouTube channel. So here you are doing big things. I love it. Love it. So for you what has been your favorite part of being coached?


Dr. Kereese  23:26  

I love the way that you make me get out of my own way. Okay, because I will, in my head, create all of these reasons why I can't do X, Y, or Z, or I shouldn't do X, Y, or Z. And then you're like, the one. Like, all you have to do is this and that it's done. A big thing with me is like, Oh, I'm so busy. You know, I have a young daughter and nine to five, and they come home and it I have to cook and I do this. And she's like, just do this. And then you can get it done. And I'm like, oh, why didn't I think of that. So there's no excuses. And you take those excuses away, and help us see or at least helped me see how the things that I want to get done are possible. It's not impossible. Nobody's too busy to do anything, you can figure out a way to get it done. So yeah.


Dr. Una  24:24  

It’s all possible. I love it. I love possibilities. So now so I think we've been at this for a little over two years at this point. So what would you say life is like how's it different, life? You know, work, business, all of that. How is that different since you embraced coaching wholeheartedly? 


Dr. Kereese  24:47  

It’s great. It's just, I mean, I've been able to produce I've been able to position myself a little bit better and our practice so that I will hopefully be more and can partner soon.


Dr. Una  25:02  

Okay, podcast listeners didn't see that. But that's what I was doing. I love it.


Dr. Kereese  25:07  

Because even just the time management skills that you've shown have just made have shown me have made everything easier. You know, like I batch everything now.


Dr. Una  25:19  

Yes, yes to batching. 


Dr. Kereese  25:21  

And briefing, and it makes it, just makes life that much more convenient and that much more enjoyable. And it's awesome. 


Dr. Una  25:29  

Love it. Love it. And congrats in advance on making partner. How about that?

Yes, you're welcome.

Okay, so I have Dr. Latifat. And she's going to introduce herself and tell her coaching story. She's the only doctor that lives in the US because she's in California, all the others. They live somewhere else. With me. All right, Dr. Latifat and welcome aboard.


Dr. Latifat  25:54  

Thank you, thank you for having me. I kind of know everybody on this platform. But it's such a pleasure to meet those that I haven't met. And your stories are amazing, and powerful. And I feel really honored to be here. So thank you for sharing with us. So I live in the United States of America aka California. So I am a GI doctor, I'm a gastroenterologist, I practice in Sacramento, I have three kids, I'm married, and I am also a money and mindset coach. And what that means is that I help women who mission transformed their money lines, and in the process really transformed themselves. So how did I get to this point, I would say so I've been knowing about money or learning about money for the last few years. And that kind of came from a place of being broke, really, because about five years ago, I kind of looked at my life, my husband and I lived our life. And we realized that we were living paycheck to paycheck, we were overwhelmed by finances, we had money coming in. But you know, it was running out pretty quickly. And we didn't feel like we're wasting money. But somehow, it seemed like we had a leak in the bucket of our finances. And we're literally living from paycheck to paycheck. I think at that point, our net worth was negative, pretty good six figures. And again, we didn't consider our lifestyles look serious by any chance. But we're just surviving, living mindlessly. And at some point, we kind of sat down and I looked around myself around and I said, You know, I love GI, I love medicine. I want to practice till whenever I want to practice, but there was so much burnout around. And I knew that if we did not get things under control from a money perspective, that I will always be dependent on my job for income. So that was sort of like the moment where we realized that something had to change, we had to do things differently. So about five years ago, was when we started learning, I started learning about finances, and my fear of being broke. My embarrassment about being broke, was so strong, I couldn't tell anybody about it. But in the closet of my house, I would learn about money, learn about finances, like how do I even you know, how do I pay off this credit card? How do I create a budget or some sort of like, how do I even figure out what interest rate I have on my student loan, what student loans don't have again, like, you know, all of that stuff. And what that did was they started empowering me because my goal was to not burn out in medicine. So that was my goal from day one. So I started doing that gobbling up everything, numbers, money, and I don't like math. I still don't like math. Nothing's changed. But I figured out how to understand numbers and understand finances without liking that. So over the last few years, we've been doing this for everyone around us, really our friends, our families, we went from negative six figures net worth in you know, and near seven figures positive net worth in less than five years. Yes, and not because we won the lottery, not because we like make a ton of money, but because we really learned to make our money work for us. And in the process. We've transformed our relationships with ourselves, our marriage, our kids, and we're just grateful for the life that we have. So over the last two years, I've been helping people do that informally. But from the perspective of IRS, they would qualify more as a hobby than a business, right? So, you know, earlier this year, I kind of just sat down and I realized that, okay, I'm helping people with the numbers kind of I'm helping them get out of debt. I'm helping them start learning how to invest and how to make their money, but something just wasn't adding up. I felt like I was working on the surface of them, but not deep inside. So I started looking into becoming a life coach. So at that point, I looked into a bunch of programs. And I'm like, No, none of this programs are speaking to me. And then there was one that was speaking to me, but I didn't want to register because I just didn't identify with the owner of the program. So at that point, I thought to myself, if I'm trying to coach people on their life, I need to know what a coach can do. So I was looking around and I saw this, you know, this good looking, intelligent, smart entrepreneur physician, Dr. Unachukwu.

You know, I think Listen to some of her podcasts. And there was one that I really identified with was one about being an entrepreneur. And I really loved that guy just spoke to me, he spoke to the fact that I wanted to be an employed physician. But I also knew that I wanted to have financial freedom outside of that, so that I could choose to be there if I wanted to, and not have to be there. So I reached out to her. And we talked and I said, Well, I kind of don't really have a business, but I, I help people with their money. And I really want to do more than just helping them with their numbers, I really want us to leave recently, from the inside out. And I spoke with her and this is six months ago, actually. So six months ago, we started working together. I am a certified life coach through the Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo, which I absolutely love and recommend if anyone's looking for a program. However, I would say that without Dr. Una, I probably would not have signed up for the program. That's one because I really needed to see what was possible in someone that looked a little bit like me. And I think I kind of had an aha moment where I said, Dr. Una, when I put you and Brooke Castillo together, that's me and my life is perfect. And so that's what I set out to do is to put those two things together, which is what I am, you know what I think I've created now, and I am super excited about what I'm doing. I coach women physicians, I do that one on one. And actually I launching, which is kind of crazy. To me. Six months after I started this business, I'm launching my course, which starts at the end of this month. It leads to financial freedom for women physicians, where I walk women physician suggest transforming their money lights. And the best thing for me honestly is in what like when I'm in my closet, I’m in a closet right now for those listening because I love closets. But when I think about my life, I think about the fact that I am my hope. And my prayer is that I'm an example of what's possible for the underdogs, right? And when I say underdogs, that is whatever that is to you. Whether that means the specialty, you're in the color of your skin, the family you're from, it's just that idea of anything is possible. And I think we Dr. Una’s coaching, I've really been able to just blew my own mind, honestly, and just go deeply into who I am and help other people do the same. So that's my story. 


Dr. Una  32:11  

I love it. And I love that you root for the underdogs because I love the underdog. I love people that are like, it's not possible for me. But come on. Yes, it is. Let's do it. I love it. I love it. I love it. So this is six months. That's so much you've done in six months? It's a lot.

So tell me what your best part, what's the best thing for you with coaching, the best part of coaching being coached for you.


Dr. Latifat  32:40  

The best part about being coach for me is that idea that it helps push me It helps you know, as a coach, because I do coach as well. Right? Our goal is to help you remove those blocks. And you know, it's interesting, if you don't have a coach, I highly recommend it. And it sounds so cliche, but honestly, someone told me recently that her accountant said that she can tell the difference between people that have coaches and not based on how much they actually earn. So for me having Dr. Una as a coach is really, I mean, in six months, it's changed my business world and really just encouragement to be where I want to be right in six months my five figure coach on my width of six figures. And I don't think I would have been able to do that without a coach. So it's everything. And I, you know, as a physician that coaches, women, physicians about value based spending and spending on things that add value, and cutting out things that don't add value, I have to be an example of that. So my husband and I do sit down and Dr. Una loves my husband, by the way. You know, we sat down and we're like, okay, what's not adding to our value to our lives right now. And we looked at other things we're spending money on including what I'm spending on coaching, because I have two coaches right now. And we decided that Dr. Una is providing so much value. I mean, I've actually considered paying you more than Yeah, but just so you know, and I'm saying that on air right now, because I think add that much value to my life. So thank you.


Dr. Una  34:02  

Oh, yeah, it is not for me to cry on this episode. I still have to ask questions.

You know, I really love you, rooting for everybody here. This is, this is amazing. And for me, I can say that coaching has really changed everything for me. You guys hear me talk a lot about it. You know, the first time I got into a coaching program and the investment was 43 grand. I'm like, Oh my gosh, and that was my introduction. That was my introduction to coaching. I was like, What and you know, this was three years ago at this point, well, almost three years. And my husband still says till today that's the best 43 grand I've ever spent in my entire life. Because when people are like I used to know you, how did you become this person? Like you're a natural like, No, no, no, no, this is 43 grand in action. There’s nothing natural about this.

You know, so, so it's so powerful. But so now we have a lot of people in different phases of life listening, right? There's some people who are employees for like, I know, there's more, they may not even really be able to define it or you know, like Dr. Caroline, they may have the passion that maybe someone has told them is not a business or they've convinced themselves, it's not a business, right? Or you have the person who's sat on that idea. For five years, another year is about to end right at the time of this recording. And they've not been able to get it to take off, right? Or they're starting a business, but it's not bringing any money. Maybe it's even costing them more than it's bringing in. And there's some of the people that they have a business, maybe see we're bringing in six figures, but they know they're supposed to scale, but they can't figure it out. Right. So there are all kinds of people listening. So for somebody who's thinking, wow, this coaching thing seems like you know, something I should do, but they're on the fence either because they like, I don't know if I can afford that investment. I don't know if I have the time. I've tried this before and it didn't work. So maybe I mean, like maybe it's not for me, what would you tell the person on the fence? So I'll start with you, Dr. Caroline, person on the fence, I'm thinking about coaching, but there's a big button in the way. So what would you tell them? 


Dr. Caroline  36:25  

It's an investment in your future? You definitely need someone to show you the roadmap. I have no regrets for hiring you. And sometimes I'm like, oh, what do you have find Dr. Una sooner, you know, definitely, it's an investment and again, I coach doctors how to get out of debt and create wealth and also push them actually to spend money on some things that are gonna bring them you know, either more wealth or peace of mind, or that are gonna help their business in sometimes some courses. I always push them not get out that is very important. But it's also important to spend money on investments. And it was definitely an investment that was needed. And I'm definitely going to be reaping that for years and years.


Dr. Una  37:04  

The gift that keeps giving huh? Yes, yes. Love it. Love it. Love it. Thank you Dr. Caroline. All right. Dr. Kereese, what would you say someone's thinking about it, but they say but but, dot, dot dot? What do you tell them?


Dr. Kereese  37:17  

Just do it.


Dr. Una  37:20  

And you would say that.


Dr. Kereese  37:23  

At the end of the day, we end up spending money on so many things that do not help us at all. That why not? Like we're all worth it. We're worth investing in ourselves and actually something that's going to give us something back. So rather than spending a bunch of money on I don't know, some clothes or shoes or whatever, like Actually, it's streamlined, individualized for you. Just do it. Because you can you can find the money, we can find the money if you just stop spending all the other another extra.


Dr. Una  38:02  

I love it. She says yeah, worth it, say just do it. You're worth it. You're worth the investment. I love it. I love it. All right, Dr. Cathy Toomer.


Dr. Toomer  38:11  

I mean, I look at it this way, we spent a lot of money to become physicians. And if we can spend a lot of money to become physicians, because we thought the value of what was going to happen afterwards. I don't see why. But one of the things that I actually had said, and a lot of my people go to my website, get a kick out of it, is I call myself the But Doctor. I can't lose weight. You know, I lost a lot of weight, but I gained it all back. I've tried everything but nothing seems to work. And so I say I'm the But Doctor, I'm going to get rid of the but. You are the entrepreneur, I guess I’m the But Coach.


Dr. Una  38:46  

Okay, I'm gonna rebrand.


Dr. Toomer  38:50  

The coach was either that or the Fear Whisperer. I like one or the other. But, but really is it's like, I'm not sure if I should do this. But well, this is the you're the one, ask I mean, if you if you're not sure, if you have a business, as someone who is in a position to help you decide if you do or not, that's worth the self-esteem. The self-worth the time booth. You know, if someone said, you know, how much is your time worth? How much is your self-esteem worth? How much is your you know, sense of well-being worth, whatever it's worth, then a coach is worth that because that's what coaching gives you and Wow. It's like your life health is not just your physical health, it's your whole life. And there is no price you can put on that. Got it. I mean, that sense of fulfillment, you can't put a price on that. And that's exactly what coaching has done. Your coaching has done. And like Kereese, I'm a stalker as well, I think I've done and what I look for is consistency. If someone's consistent in their message, they're consistent and in the way that they interact with people if they're consistent, and then I saw you in person you consistently, it was just everything was consistent. And I just knew, okay, you know it the worst case scenario, I'll learn a lesson from this not working, because I'll learn something. And it absolutely worked. And I thought, Okay, well, I'll do this for a couple of months. That was how long ago?

That’s a long time ago. And I mean, there's no price you can put on someone getting your fear getting you out of your own way, getting your, you know, putting your fears in a box. I mean, the things and I've said this before, and I know I'm talking a lot, but I'm, I can't say enough about what this was the one of the best decisions I've ever made. And I love it when that happens, because it's like, I pat myself on the back. But one of the things that really isn't the things that I was afraid of doing before, actually get excited about now. And I remember, every single step, when you said you should do excellent, like new way. And now I sometimes I can't sleep because I'm so excited. I want to get up the next morning, so I can start working on something that I was scared to do, you know, a year ago, and that you can’t put a price on that. Wow, you simply can't.


Dr. Una  41:10  

That is so good. We could unpack that for a few days. But in case you missed it, if you're afraid. And that's the reason why you don't want to get a coach. That's the actual reason why you should get a coach, right? That's what you say. That's the that's the reason why. And when you think about all but the investment. Don't think of a cost think of an investment that gives you fulfillment, which you can't put a number on. That is so good. So good. I love it. Woof. Okay. Dr. Latifat, let it roll. Someone is on the fence, what do you tell the person on the fence?


Dr. Latifat  41:44  

The phrase that comes to mind is your money or your life? Right? Your money or your time? Those are the two things that come to mind. Does everybody absolutely need a coach, maybe not. There's some people that may be not me to coach, I can figure it out. And I believe that everyone can figure most things out. But what a coach does is you could figure it out for yourself in three years, or you can with a coach get there faster and shorter. And so that's what I mean by your money, like to give your money to get time back which time is our biggest, right? It's the biggest asset we can ever have. So that's what comes to mind when I think about that. And a lot of times people say I don't have money, right. And that's why I can't get a coach. But going off of what Dr. Catherine said, when you think you're too broke to have a coach, that is when you actually need a coach because otherwise you just gonna stay broke for long, right? So if you think about it, everyone here has different things that we do, we are passionate about what we do. But you cannot imagine if we did not have a coach to help us get here, we would not be able to help the people that we're helping right now. And I think a lot of your audience are probably healthcare professionals, physicians, and we went into medicine and what we do to help people. So imagine if someone out goes, Well, you can do your residency, but instead of three years, we're going to drag it out to 10. Because you can learn how to do it yourself DIY, right. So that's kind of what this is, but you can DIY this, and you can take time, or you can actually get someone that's gonna cost you money, but if you didn't make him that money back in like one month quickly, really, you're wasting your time by not having a coach. So it's that mindset thing that I think a lot of us need to get out of, which is, if I'm too broke to get a coach, then I really need to get that coach.


Dr. Una  43:30  

The money coach has spoken. All right. Get out of the scarcity mentality. Let's do it. That is so good. That is so good. I want to thank you all because we didn't have a conversation about how this was gonna play out. We're just like, I'm like, Hey, guys, people want to know about coaching. Let's talk about it. I want to thank you for coming on here and giving your time and sharing your stories. And I'm sure this would be so helpful to so many other physicians, because this is from so many different perspectives, and it's really so good. So I want to say a big thank you. And for those of you listening, if you have any concerns about wellness, weight loss, check out Dr. Toomer, if you're like, Oh my gosh, I'm sick of this student debt. There's a student doctor here, Dr. Caroline, and she's all about doctors out of debt. So check her out If you have people who live in Georgia who need a pediatrician than shout out Dr. Kereese She's amazing. Like she's not only amazing as an intrapreneur, who's running a pediatric outfit, but she's a brilliant physician and her patients really love her. And you can check out her YouTube channel. I'm gonna post the link in the show notes and give her some love. So subscribe and share it to people that have children. Okay, yes. And then Then if you're here and what Dr. Latifat was saying was resonating with you like, yeah, money this get rid of it scarcity. I know what that is six figure debts to seven figure net worth, like what? Then you want to check her out These are amazing physicians, I can vouch for every one of them, they're my peeps. And if you've been thinking about coaching and you've had that, you know, business as a baby you almost had, or your business is not working the way it should, or you just know there's more, there is more, then this is your call, you know, reach out, get a coach on board, go to a website on you know, apply there and get it done. But we're burning daylight here, we don't have forever to be alive, right? So what we're gonna do, we should just do it quickly, you know, and then leave that legacy because imagine a year from now, you're here on this podcast, being interviewed and telling your story about all the great things that have happened in your business. It could be your story. Doesn't matter if you're employed or not, or you own your own business doesn't matter if someone's told you out work or not. It doesn't matter. It doesn't even matter if you're like, I don't think I have a business idea. We'll pull it out of you. That's what a good coach does. Okay, so check it out on thank you so much for listening. This is designed to help tons of doctors so this is an episode I really want you to share. So your social media platforms share it, tag us hashtag EntreMD, shout out the doctors here because they gave their time an hour of their time. Very valuable. Okay, so thank you for listening. And I'll see you on the next episode of the EntreMD Podcast. You ladies want to say bye to the audience.


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Dr. Una  46:48  

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